Fitur 2014 launches "Travel Blogger 2014" Competition

Fitur 2014, the International Tourism Trade Fair, an event organised by IFEMA to be staged at Feria de Madrid from 22nd to 26th January, has launched its "Travel Blogger 2014" Competition, which this year will extend its search for the best bloggers from amongst candidates on the American Continent and throughout the European Union. In this respect, Fitur, a landmark event for tourism worldwide and one of the leading trade showcases for the industry, aims to strengthen the appeal of this online competition following the success of its last edition, which focused on candidates from different Latin American countries.

The European/American Fitur Travel Bloggers Competition at Fitur 2014 aims to provide a platform for bloggers from the Americas and Europe to promote their specialised blogs linked to the field of tourism. Furthermore, this Competition, which will be staged jointly in English and in Spanish, seeks to boost the use of the social media for tourism promotion purposes, whilst effectively strengthening the ties between opinion-leaders within the travel industry on both the American Continent and throughout the European Union. Over and above this Competition, Fitur 2014 will once again provide a key meeting forum at which tourism bloggers are destined to play a leading role.

Those who are interested in taking part in the Competition can enter their candidacy between 4th and 26th November through the web page,, and the app integrated into the Fitur Facebook page, In order to be able to pass through to the following stage, the blogger must obtain at least 50 votes through Facebook or Twitter throughout the same period.

In order to take part, contestants simply need to be of adult age and possess legal residence in any country throughout the American Continent or the European Union (except for Spain, given that another series of initiatives has been reserved for Spanish bloggers that the trade fair will be announcing shortly).

A Jury will select the winner from each country (provided that a minimum of 5 entries have been signed up) and the winning blogger will represent his/her country in the final of his category (The Americas or Europe). When making its choice, the Jury will basically take into account aspects such as the quality of the contents, design, image, dissemination, social media use and the prestige of the blog and of its respective blogger. Subsequently, during the final stage, followers of Fitur will choose the winners by backing their favourite candidates through popular votes on Facebook and Twitter.

There shall be two prizes, one for each category (The American Fitur Travel Blogger 2014 and the European Fitur Travel Blogger 2014), which shall consist of an all-expenses invitation (air fare from the capital of the country of origin and accommodation) to Fitur 2014. Furthermore, all of the winners of the first stage (according to country) shall receive a certificate and an honorary insignia which they can use in order to promote their blogs.

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