Chillventa Rossija looking positively to 2014

Chillventa Rossija takes place from 4–6 February 2014. Many top Russian and international companies have already firmly booked their stand space at the fourth edition of the exhibition. This shows the great acceptance of Chillventa Rossija as one of the sector's most important gatherings in the Russian market. Experts in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow exchange views on the latest developments and trends in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technology. Chillventa Rossija with its clear orientation to the Russian market is heading for success again in 2014.

Chillventa Rossija is one of the most important gatherings for specialists from the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industry. Innovative technical developments, best practice examples and the most modern equipment are helping to bring the Russian sector up to an international standard. Many answers are found at the exhibition or at the scientific conference, Chillventa Congressing, which the experts praise for its topicality and high quality every year.

Large international involvement
The demand for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in Russia is satisfied mainly by imports at present. Many leading international companies have already confirmed their presence, including Bitzer, Dorin, Güntner, Karyer, MTH, Promyshlennye Holodilnye Sistemy (PHS) and Thermofin. There are also well-known companies among the Russian exhibitors, such as Thermocool, Complect Ice, Prostor L, Farmina, NSK, Expokholod and Ariada.

The refrigeration industry in Russia
Experts assume that about 3, 000 companies in Russia operate refrigeration systems with more than 500 kW refrigerating power. Specialists estimate that about 80 per cent of the systems are in need of modernization, maintenance and energy optimization. The change to refrigerants without ODP and with low GWP values is gaining more and more importance here. In the international market in particular, it is becoming clear that, for example, CO2 is increasingly discussed as a refrigerant in this context and is used in industrial and supermarket refrigeration systems; R717 (ammonia) is also used in industrial systems for direct cooling and for systems with brine cooling. The aim of the Russian government is to steer the whole sector onto a growth course.

Development factors in refrigeration
The development potential of the Russian refrigeration industry is very large. A guide to food security, agriculture and the food industry is helping to increase the focus on energy efficiency. Reducing the emissions of the climate-damaging greenhouse gas CO2 is right at the top of the Russian government's agenda. A state-controlled agricultural development programme has led to a forecast of growth in food production. This will necessitate improvements in refrigeration systems, the development of cold and refrigerated transport and the improvement of quality in cooling, freezing and storage of products in all segments.

A whole industry is growing
The demand for modern refrigeration systems is increasing steadily in Russia. The first steps towards modernization have already been initiated: The Murmansk region and other rural parts of Russia are currently being equipped with efficient and modern refrigerated and frozen food stores, and since then, for example, fish processing centres are also being planned. The foundation stone has already been laid for a network of modern logistic centres with refrigerated and frozen food stores. The outlook for refrigeration applications is shown by sectors such as information technology. Here innovations in refrigeration and air conditioning are on the advance, triggered by the rising demand for cleanrooms in large IT companies – because they frequently need individual solutions that maintain accurate temperature and humidity. Other examples of the importance of refrigeration and air conditioning are found in the areas of home climate, optimum food supply and medical treatment. Refrigeration is essential for commercial applications in segments such as transport, electronics, building, medicine or sport.

Exchange between experts at the highest level – focus on energy efficiency
The organizers are looking positively to Chillventa Rossija 2014. Topics like energy efficiency, sustainability or the use of heat pumps will be discussed on a solution-orientated basis as in the previous years. The trade fair is one of the most important gatherings for specialists from the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industry. This is where experts meet, update on the latest developments and find out everything about the current trends in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technology. Specialists have the opportunity for discussion and exchanging views at the highest technical and scientific level.

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