ABO hosts a Mayoral candidates forum on housing development at BuildingsNY

Associated Builders and Owners of Greater New York, Inc. (ABO) will kick off the BuildingsNY Show with a bang, April 24th, by hosting a Mayoral candidates forum on housing development. Tom Allon, John Catsimatidis and George McDonald have already confirmed they will participate and additional candidates will be announced soon.

"We're very happy with the willingness of all the candidates to address housing development issues at the City's biggest trade show for multifamily builders, operators and managers, " said Dan Margulies, executive director of ABO. "While other forums will address housing generally, " he added, "we believe this will be the only one to focus on the candidates' ideas to encourage badly needed construction."

Issues such as zoning, building codes, landmarks, air rights, land costs, labor rules and property taxes are the big issues for private housing development, Margulies noted, and it is important for builders and voters to know what the candidates think about them.

"Just today, " Margulies added, "Mayor Bloomberg's final State of the State message emphasized how important rebuilding the city is, from housing to water tunnels and from university campuses to midtown office buildings." Bloomberg proclaimed that "For the first time since La Guardia was mayor and FDR created the WPA, we're not only conceiving big plans that fundamentally change the landscape of our city, we're achieving them. We're taking a city built mostly before World War II and renewing it for the needs of New Yorkers today and tomorrow."

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