Sial China 2013: In pursuit of perfect gourmet

Obviously the apocalypse didn't set any one on fire. In fact, crowd around the globe danced away in Gangnam Style till 2013. If the flavors were beats, one would see food dancing In Sial China 2013. From 2013 May 7th to 9th, it will be a professionally flavored upbeat Food & Beverage show in Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

Confirmation from over 2,200 leading companies as exhibitor does mark a good start for Sial China. To continue its effort in gourmet development in Asia, Sial China goes for extra miles to bring in more exhibitors and visitors from retail, HoReCa and wine industry, and the internationally renowned organization in Sial China.

To top it off, there will be more than 40 international pavilions in Sial China 2013 occupying over 85,000sqm exhibition area. Singapore, Indonesia, Switzerland, Belgium, Republic of Lithuania, Columbia, Ecuador will debut in the show, while US, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, South Africa and over 10 national pavilion doubling their sizes this year. These are the upbeats prepared for the 46,000 professional buyers and visitors by the international exhibitors.

14 Product Zones, 4 Tasteful Events
The 14th edition includes gourmet oriented product zone, such as tea&coffee, wine & spirits, organic, dairy, seafood, fruit & vegetable, chocolate world, sweets & snacks, meat, halal, etc. 14 products zones in total. What's more, 4 tasteful dedicated events empower a better-than-ever experience for visitors' taste buds.
Sial China grows with the market and is in pursuit of perfect gourmet to create the unique experience for its participants. Visit Sial China newly opened online visitor pre-registration ( and seize the moment of the year 2013.

6th Edition of La Cuisine by Sial
Highlight your products during culinary demonstration by the most talented international chefs from mainland China, France, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Turkey, USA and other countries and regions.
It attracts HoReCa industry professionals who are looking for innovation and inspiration.

9th Edition of Sial Innovation
Sial China is the place to encounter innovations. Sial Innovation has been a key event for the past 8 years, it offers our exhibitors a platform to showcase their latest innovative products and communicate on food innovations, and this area will be visited by more than 70% visitors. The Sial innovation observatory provides a unique opportunity for retail traders in a single area, all of the new concepts and innovations launched worldwide, emphasizing new consumer trends.

2nd Edition of Hospitality & Retail Forum
Special forum to cover hospitality trends and related topics Sial China is the place to meet experts and buyers from China HoReCa & retail industry.
In 2012 show, more than 14 high level conferences hosted by the industry experts were held in this area including: SIFEA, SINODIS, CITY SUPER, SHIYAO Investment, SFGC, GOODWELL, XTC, FABBRI, NESTLE, and others. In 2013, it will continue to be the place to meet the under-the-radar buyers.

2nd Edition of Chocolate World
For satisfying the needs of high-end Chocolate in Chinese market, Sial China decided to strongly propagandize the high-end chocolate brands in "Chocolate World", such as COOP B.V.B.A from Belgium with their lyse, Bochilin from Hong Kong SAR with their MOMAMI, and PUSI from Shanghai with their Truffles.
In 2013, Sial China will launch the second of Chocolate World which means we welcome all kinds of high-end industrialized chocolate corporations, or handmade chocolate companies for joining our exhibition.

Imports to China gain importance
Owing to recent scares involving the domestic food industry, China's middle class is increasingly turning to imported products.
Imported food is a crucial and very successful business for Metro China, showing an annual growth rate between 20 and 30 percent and accounting for more than 55 percent of the company's sales in the Asia-Pacific region, said Patricia Spittau, head of the imported food department at Metro China, which operates 63 hypermarkets in 39 cities in China. She said milk, wine and olive oil are among the best sellers.

Chinese shoppers want to get a taste of overseas lifestyle
Imported food is gaining enormous popularity in China, and greater amounts of it are coming into the country.
But many consumers buy imported food because they are curious. They are buying products not for the health effects, but for the psychological ones.
The international food culture is growing especially in the biggest cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Many people in China had previously built this strong curiosity in foreign life through TV, movies, and the Internet.

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