Pure information: cleanrooms at TechnoPharm 2013

Clean business in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg: TechnoPharm focuses on cleanrooms again in 2013. Two items on the programme specifically deal with this topic: the Cleanroom Village in hall 9 and the CleanRoomCongress organized by the International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology (APV) and Concept Heidelberg. The high-tech exhibition from 23–25 April 2013 again offers visitors from the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries ideal opportunities to source information about leading-edge process technologies. The parallel POWTECH 2013 creates extra synergies for visitors looking for current trends in mixing, screening, dosing and granulating powders and bulk solids. Also in the exhibition centre at the same time: PARTEC, the International Congress on Particle Technology.

From gram to microgram: The number of "highly potent" active ingredients used in the pharmaceutical sector − i.e. active ingredients administered in small doses − is growing steadily. More complex molecule structures, higher molecular weights and poorer solubility of the active ingredients constantly create new challenges for the pharmaceutical industry in terms of development, production and employee safety. At the same time, the rising pressure of costs and increasing regulatory requirements demand optimally controlled and flexible process flows to maintain the quality. "Our Quality Assurance Group is increasingly concerned about the growing number of warning letters and the resulting production shutdowns. These are largely caused by the excessive cost pressure on the pharmaceutical industry combined with the often exaggerated demands of the regulations, " says Prof. Dr. Heribert Häusler, Board Member of the International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology (APV).
It is also noticeable that ever smaller batches are required, e.g. to serve the trend to personalized medicine. For pharmaceutical production, this means higher demands on retooling times and line clearance.
Pharmaceutical manufacturers and their suppliers again find answers to current production requirements at TechnoPharm in 2013. 301 exhibitors showed the latest technologies and services for life science processes at TechnoPharm 2011. "Whereas new active ingredients, shorter throughput times or the fight against fake drugs are only talked about at other events, engineers and pharmacists at TechnoPharm get high-tech answers and firm solutions for the daily GMP challenge, " says Claus Rättich, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse, commenting on the advantage of the exhibition.

An extra source of information is provided by PARTEC, the International Congress on Particle Technology, which takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg at the same time and brings together leading particle specialists from all over the world to discuss current trends.

Purity as dogma
Cleanrooms enclose production areas and laboratories and their almost germ-free air ensures that optimum conditions constantly prevail. The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the EU too have developed extensively over the past years. Cleanroom and sterile technology specialists find out how these requirements can be implemented in practice and integrated into plant in the Cleanroom Village and at the CleanRoomCongress at TechnoPharm 2013.

Cleanroom Village
The Cleanroom Village is a highly specialized show that reflects the entire spectrum of cleanroom technology. The newly and lavishly designed pavilion accommodates approx. 20 exhibitors with solutions for planning, equipping and constructing cleanrooms, which are now essential parts of any production facility for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary products or health food. The heart of the village will be a marketplace, with presentations, catering and the daily Village Hour for networking and talking shop on cleanrooms. A total of 114 exhibitors showed products and solutions for cleanrooms at TechnoPharm and POWTECH in 2011.

The CleanRoomCongress organized by the International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology (APV) and Concept Heidelberg takes place from 24−25 April 2013 and focuses on case studies. Experts from industry and authorities will speak on topics like regulatory compliance, construction and conversion of cleanroom areas, monitoring and innovations in cleanroom technology. Case studies will be used to show how cleanrooms can be efficiently designed, operated, qualified and monitored. The two-day congress will give operators, planners and suppliers of cleanroom systems valuable insights into cleanroom best practice from market leaders in the pharmaceutical industry like Merck, CSL Behring, Novartis and Boehringer Ingelheim.

No dummy package
Before a medicine is administered, it waits ready for use in a vial, ampoule or syringe. Special attention is paid to this primary package, because active ingredients are sensitive and expensive to manufacture. Innovative packaging solutions are also in demand for implementing the new legislative requirements for serialization and protection against opening. Altogether 73 suppliers presented packaging solutions to ensure purity, traceability, anti-counterfeiting and originality protection at TechnoPharm and POWTECH in 2011. A special show on sustainable packaging is also planned for 2013.

Clean business
For the production of food, drinks, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics the fittings used must allow really quick, easy and above all thorough cleaning. How "easy-to-clean" solutions can contribute to efficiency and saving resources as well as to hygiene is explained in a supporting programme presented at POWTECH 2013 by the publisher Hüthig Verlag together with hygienic design expert Dr. Jürgen Hofmann from the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). The programme is to include presentations, panel discussions and hands-on examples of "easy-to-clean" solutions.

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