fensterbau/frontale india: Next Stop Mumbai

fensterbau/frontale india, the International Exhibition & Conference Window, Door and Facade, enters its third round. After New Delhi in 2011 and Bangalore in 2012, the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Mumbai is the meeting place for manufacturers, processors, architects, planners and building specialists from India, Asia and Europe from 79 March 2013.

The products and services at fensterbau/frontale india 2013 include profiles, semi-finished materials, materials, production aids, components and prefabricated elements, hardware, fixing equipment, shading and ventilating equipment, machines, installations and tools, operating systems and equipment, office organization, services, associations, research & development, and technical information. A three-day conference programme presented by the internationally renowned German institute ift Rosenheim together with the Indian experts from IFF (International Fenestration Forum) takes place parallel to the exhibition again in 2013.

A conference programme tailor made for the Indian fenestration industry
The conference under the heading of "Envelopes for Green Buildings" again offers experts from India and all over the world an ideal platform for getting to know and discussing the latest technologies and trends.

The conference starts at 11:30 on Thursday, 7 March 2013, the first day of the exhibition, with an opening speech by Dr. Prem C. Jain, who as Chairman of the Indian Green Building Council has been instrumental in promoting the cause of energy efficiency in India. This is followed by presentations on key trends and building projects of a model character that are intensively discussed in India, including the following presentations: "Best practice in energy efficiency and office comfort", "High-quality hotels for luxury and quiet accommodation", "Innovations and technical trends", "Energy-efficient buildings for every budget" and "How to process the German energy turnaround". They will be introduced by Jens Burgtorf as Head of the Indo-German Energy Forum.

The 2nd day of the conference on Friday, 8 March 2013, is devoted completely to energy efficiency, which is rated as very important in India. Indian building experts are very interested in international technology and partners. The individual sessions here are: "Energy-efficient windows for India", "Air-conditioning needs the right fenestration technology", "What is the best glass for India", "How to re-invent exterior solar protection for India", "God blessed India with solar energy" and "Limits and possibilities of glass in curtain walls".

Finally, on Saturday, 9 March 2013, quality is on the conference agenda. Increasing workmanship quality is a priority issue for most window fabricators. It is, of course, known that remedial measures are extremely expensive. The following presentations are on the programme: "A window is more than glass plus frame", "Quality improvement of the production line", "Quality processing of window production", "Best choice for sealant and joints in installation", "Fixing of windows" and "Visual inspection and surveillance on site". The current programme is available at:

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