Riding displays to flamenco music on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds

Plenty of sports riding, shopping opportunities and fascinating horsemanship await visitors to the exhibition grounds at Berlin's leading event for equestrian sports, which takes place from 13 to 16 December. One of the highlights and key themes of the event, which every fan of traditional horsemanship will enjoy, will be demonstrations of classic baroque and Spanish riding styles.

Taking part in the programme of riding events is the regional riding association Landesverband für klassisch-barocke Reiterei Ost e.V., whose riders and horses will be showing visitors the individual stages of coaching a classic riding style. The idea is to "offer spectators a transparent demonstration and explanation of the steps involved in developing a classic riding style", says the regional association's chairwoman, Kathrin Beese-Gotthardt. Conjuring up a period atmosphere will be a royal court festival at which visitors can enjoy baroque-style entertainment.

Perfection in top hat and tails

Antje Kreutzer of Hof Repente will be demonstrating how to develop classical piaffe and pesade riding styles with her Lusitano stallion, "Pincelim". This riding school for classic and baroque riding will also be showing classic and baroque sidesaddle riding. "Visitors will be able to try out sidesaddle riding on a wooden horse", says Kreutzer.

The breeders' association Residelca Spanish Horses will be displaying their Pura Raza Española horses on the exhibition grounds both in full Spanish dress as well as with riders in top hat and tails. Included in the Residelca's programme of events are riding displays to flamenco music as well as, for the first time, a knabstrupper performing a capriole.

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