Ambiente Talents serve up fresh creativity for kitchen and table

New concepts for seasoning, preparing and serving food: young designers are currently opening up the theme of cookery in a fresh, unconventional way. In the Dining area at the Ambiente fair, which will be held from 15 to 19 February 2013, there are a dozen talents just waiting to present their new ideas and surprising interpretations of table and kitchen themes.

"You can tell very clearly by the projects of the Talents 2013 just how strongly the theme of cookery has been accepted in the young designer community as a social and aesthetic subject. With their conceptual approaches and specific product ideas, they are assuming a pioneering role for the industry", says Nicolette Naumann, Vice President Ambiente/Tendence and initiator of the promotional programme. All in all, the Talents area in Hall 4.0 will host twelve designers and design studios from China, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and the Slovak Republic.

Musical Cooking

The joy of cooking together has inspired Korea's Lee Sanghyeok, who lives in Berlin, into creating an unusual product idea. The 'Joy of Cooking Together' is in fact the title of his range of musical kitchen accessories, where the cutting board turns into a drum, the pan lid becomes a cymbal and the salt and pepper pots become shakers. When the cooks have found a common rhythm, cooking together turns into a lively percussion session.

For all the senses

Up and coming young talent Toni Baumann takes the act of seasoning food out of the kitchen and brings the flavours of fresh herbs directly to the table: his batterie de cuisine is made of natural wood and ceramics and consists of a herb mill for finely chopped herbs, a vase for decoratively serving basil, mint etc. plus a spice grinder together with a small bowl for dried ingredients. Fruit bowls for flavouring and refining food and drink are en vogue. The innovative 'Peelpride' range by Holland's Rianne Koens covers the entire process from peeling, through drying to milling, sprinkling or sieving. The clear designs in glass and wood not only create ingredients that taste and smell good. They look good as well.

Delicacies for the eye

At Latimera, the Finnish design studio, the aesthetics of detail find expression in poetic designs in metal. The cold Scandinavian climate and the fineness of the snowflakes have been the source of inspiration for functional cutlery that is marked by elegance and a compellingly clear language of forms. In the designs by Raili Keiv on the other hand, industry enters into a dialogue with tradition. The designer from Estonia combines classical crockery with concrete, the building material, thus turning a field of tension into new forms and functions.

A uniqueness shared

The Czech studio elevates everyday objects to the status of unique items. For their limited editions in glass and porcelain, they work together in groups with a variety of artisans, designers and artists, who in their authorial role provide their personal interpretations and motifs for a shared idea. Each item that results from the workshop remains unique. Among the items that will be presenting in Frankfurt will be 'PAAR' a 30-piece set of glassware that was created in this way, and a set of bowls called 'SUPERBOWL'.

Traditions rethought

Providing traditionally purely decorative forms with a new function is the idea behind 'White Animal Life - aka WAL' from 'Piselli Projects'. To achieve this, Emilie Körner from the Netherlands turns her talents to tableware decoration that was modern in the 17th and 18th centuries and transforms horses, elephants or leopards into candlesticks, salt cellars or napkin holders. The two Chinese designers Junglian Ma and Lan Tian devote themselves to the original methods of manufacturing and using Chinese ceramics. They transfer them, with a different focus, to the demands of modern design and living styles.

Design greetings from Slovakia

With its 'Flowers for Slovakia', Ambiente is launching a young design initiative from that country. The initiators are Peter Olah and Lars Kemper. For the first project, 'Handle with Care', young designers have translated twelve Slovakian legends and fairytales into objects made of glass. The packaging, which is a reminder of the typical way valuables are stored in that country, is a pointer to the sensitivity and respect they have for their own tradition.

Talents promotion programme

At each of the Ambiente and Tendence fairs, Messe Frankfurt supports international university graduates, designers and design agencies by providing them with a special area of their own. "With our own curated promotional programme we help particular design talents to present their creative talents and skills to an international trade public, to establish contacts to manufacturers and to set up or maintain a network of their own", says Nicolette Naumann. Since 2001, selected talents have not only been able to exhibit in Frankfurt free of charge, but also receive professional support for their presentation from a team of experts at both consumer-goods fairs.

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