Call for papers for the 2013 Techtextil and Avantex Symposiums

Experts wanting to give a lecture at the symposiums during Techtextil in Frankfurt are invited to submit their manuscripts. The international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens will be held from 11 to 13 June 2013. The deadline for receipt of the manuscripts is 31 October 2012.

Worldwide, demand and expectations on technical textiles and functional apparel textiles are growing, which means there is a great need for topical information and an active, supra-sector dialogue.

Thus, the aim of both symposiums is to generate new impulses for the sectors covered, to boost interdisciplinary communication and to disseminate information about the latest developments and potential applications.

Techtextil Symposium revolves around new developments, trends and potential applications covering the spectrum from technical textiles and nonwovens, via technology and finishing, to new products. At the coming symposium, particular attention will be paid to lightweight constructions, sustainability, (multi-) functionality and corresponding examples.

Current developments and trends for functional and innovative apparel textiles improve not only the properties and, therefore, the areas of application for garments but also make new kinds of apparel possible. In this connection, Avantex Symposium offers topical information about materials, trends and new products. The focus of the coming symposium will be on (multi-) functionality and protection.

At the two symposiums, a variety of subjects will be covered within the framework of lecture blocks. The following themes are planned for the Techtextil Symposium:
1. Requirements and chances from the user's point of view
2. High-performance textiles with nano-technology
3. Sustainable textile technology
4. New fibres and fibre composites
5. Lightweight constructions using technical textiles
6. The development of sustainable technical textiles
7. Smart textiles with multi-faceted electronic systems
8. Finishing and surface modifications for new and adaptive functions

Lecture proposals on the following subjects are requested for the Avantex Symposium 2013:
1. Personal protection and protective textiles
2. Smart apparel textiles: from the research stage to the product
3. Functional apparel
4. Apparel and electronic systems
Lecture proposals must be in English and should be submitted via the internet at The lectures will be selected by the experts of an international programme committee.

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