Gold medal for 600 gamescom exhibitors

Although the Olympic Games wind down in London, in Cologne there will soon be a call to "Celebrate the games" once again - at gamescom 2012 (August 15th-19th). Even before the fair opens, the first goal medal goes to the companies exhibiting at the largest trade fair and entertainment event for computer and video games. Over 600 exhibitors (+8%) from 40 countries are setting new best records even before the start of the games and will be presenting over 300 premieres (+10%) on 140,000 square metres of exhibition space (+15%), including countless world premieres that can be played at a trade fair for the first time.

If one considers how gamescom has developed over the last two years (2010 - 2012), growth on the part of exhibitors is almost at 20% (505 to >600). The number of foreign companies has even risen by nearly 40 percent (from 232 to 323). Exhibitors from 40 countries are now present at gamescom with its international scope increasing by 21% since 2010.

This year's roughly 600 exhibitors include SEGA and THQ, two renowned companies that originally did not want to participate, but ultimately decided to have focused presentations at the KochMedia (SEGA) and Saturn (THQ) stands. With 14 shared country stands (+3) and Korea as the new partner country, gamescom is clearly expanding its international scope and thus its related potential for new business. With its concept in the area of business and entertainment, gamescom covers all genres of interactive games, from PC and console games, to online and browser games, all the way to social and mobile gaming. The new blockbusters for PC, console, online and browser games will now be supplemented with the new Mobile Gaming segment. Starting with the GDC Europe developers conference (starting on 13 August) to the diverse programme at gamescom and the gamescom festival in downtown Cologne, the entire city will be celebrating the games for an entire week with the large gaming community under the motto of "Celebrate the games".

The exclusive business area of gamescom, the European and international industry will meet their leading players to do business and present the latest products to experts and the retail market. In this respect, the shared stand of partner country Korea will point the way to new, international business. As a leader in online, browser and mobile games, South Korea is an ideal partner for the European industry. More than 20 companies will be presenting at the shared country stand, while the entertainment area will also feature other companies headquartered in Korea or that significantly influence gaming culture with their products. In 2011 turnover on the Korean gaming market exceeded 5.5 billion euros. The business area will be used by European retailers placing their orders, especially for the upcoming Christmas season. A separate buyers' lounge will also be available for international purchases at gamescom for the first time this year.

The entertainment area at gamescom forms the centre of the huge interactive entertainment on offer. Here, exhibitors will showcase the latest themes and trends in the gaming industry. Around 330 global, European and German game premieres will be featured in Cologne for the first time, before they go on sale. Numerous exhibitors have expanded their stands this year by a wide margin. The best games at gamescom will be judged by an extended international jury of experts who will award the gamescom award 2012. This year many exhibitors will once again be presenting their innovations in their own press conferences.

Beyond the monitors and game stations, fans of gamescom can also expect countless new products and developments in the trade show's fringe programme. For the first time, in collaboration with LG, there will be a trailer cinema. Every day gaming fans in the "gamescom trailer cinema powered by LG" will be able to experience the latest games trailers live. With space for up to 500, the trailer cinema powered by LG will give gamescom visitors an idea of the many games that can be tested on site in the entertainment area. A small village for cosplayers will also see the light for the first time this year. The "cosplay village" will host various activities and events for all fans of costume play. The stands in the fan shop arena with merchandising and accessories are for everyone who wants a lasting souvenir of gamescom 2012, where they are also sure to discover their favourite games. These new features complete the 2012 fringe programme, which will again be organised by the gamescom congress and gamescom campus. This year's gamescom congress will be held on 16 and 17 August 2012 in the Congress Centrum Nord at Koelnmesse. For the first time, the congress will be held over two days, offering exciting lectures, workshops and discussion rounds - among others, on the subjects of "The Cultural Value of Video Games", "Youth Protection", "Media Competence", "Online Law" and "Cyberbullying". The gamescom campus, the interactive information area for cultural, scientific, teaching and social aspects of gaming will be this year. The gamescom "jobs & career" forum will once again provide a platform for all those with a professional interest in the gaming industry. Visitors will enjoy the case modding championships, retro exhibition, the BigFM Beach, the gamescom wave and the climbing garden, as well as the IVM motorcycle course and other sporting activities.

The gamescom week will again kick off with the Game Developers Conference Europe (GDCE) on Monday, 13 August, and end with the gamescom festival. As Europe's leading conference in game development, the GDC Europe brings together developers and industry representatives from Europe and the world in Cologne. On the afternoon of Friday, 19 August, the gamescom festival will carry the "Celebrate the games" slogan from the fair grounds into the city. After the fair closes, fans and friends of big entertainment will head to the city centre for gaming presentations and interactive entertainment alongside top-class musical artists.

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