Orthopädie+ Reha-Technik attracts top lecturers to Leipzig

"Meet the speaker" is the invitation issued for the first time at the world congress Orthopädie+ Reha-Technik from 15th to 18th May 2012 in Leipzig. The congress programme also offers new lecture formats and well-established symposia. Eminent keynote speakers present current developments from cutting-edge international research. Due to a new and more clearly arranged structure, there is more opportunity for discussions and case examples. The key focus points are the topics prosthetics, orthopaedic footwear technology, amputation surgery and rehabilitation technology; in the coming May the topic of orthotics will be given special attention. With a full programme the Orthopädie+ Reha-Technik will again be THE meeting place of the sector for an interdisciplinary and international exchange.

In the coming year the congress programme stands out with a clearly arranged time and topic schedule. Due to new event forms such as "Meet the Speaker" individual opportunities for discussions are made available.

The scope of the programme from 15th to 18th May in Leipzig extends over 31 interdisciplinary structured symposia and more than 200 lectures. Apart from orthotics, the orthopaedic technology treatment and care provisioning possibilities for older people, as well as for patients having chronic diseases are in the centre of focus. In addition questions regarding prosthetics, rehabilitation technology, rehabilitation, foot & shoe, research and development, compression therapy and training will be discussed. Under the headline "free topics" there will amongst others be symposiums on paralysis disorders, rheumatism, pain therapy and sports injuries. Always standing in the foreground is thereby the transmission of practical understanding.

On the opening day Klaus-Jürgen Lotz, president of the German Association of Orthopaedic Technology provides an overview over the professional policy challenges in orthopaedic technology. On Wednesday Bengt Söderberg from Sweden and Michael Schäfer, managing director of the company Pohlig GmbH, present their experiences from the area of prosthetics. The child's foot is the topic of the keynote from Professor Franz Grill from Vienna. Also on Thursday the specialist visitors can experience a lecture by David Condie from Scotland on the current status in the treatment of cerebral palsy. On the last day of the congress Bengt Engström from Sweden will report about functional sitting in a wheelchair. Honorary professor Dieter Lüttje, medical director of the clinic Osnabrück dedicates his talk to the "active older person".

On all congress days the Institute for quality assurance and certification in orthopaedic technology (IQZ) will issue further training points in the category B (congresses extending over several days). Also for orthopaedic footwear technology both the associations ZVOS (Association of orthopaedic shoe technology) and AGOS will be issuing the maximum number of points on all the days of the congress. Also the Swiss professional association SVOT/ASTO acknowledges the world congress as a further training event. Application has been submitted to the Saxony State Chamber of Physicians to acknowledge the event as a further medical training event in the category ´"congresses extending over several days".

With a unique offering the world congress and the world leading trade show Orthopädie+ Reha-Technik are directed towards orthopaedic technicians, orthopaedic footwear technicians, rehabilitation technicians, therapists and doctors, engineers, the medical specialist trade and employees of the cost-bearing institutions. In 2010 the Orthopädie+ Reha-Technik trade show was held together with the ISPO World Congress and attracted 21, 200 visitors from 108 countries, as well as 554 exhibitors from 45 Nations.

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