Australia's largest investor education event expects record turnout

With market volatility becoming the norm and an overwhelming array of local and global issues affecting the value of the Australian 'nest egg' it's getting harder for investors to find any clarity on what to do with their money.

Consequently, organisers of the largest investor education event in Australia are expecting a record turnout to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre next week as people look for reliable answers from experts including Peter Switzer, Alan Kohler, Tom Elliott, Marcus Padley, Stephen Mayne, Paul Rickard and many more.

The annual Melbourne Trading & Investing Seminars & Expo will be held on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October and aims to help investors cut-through all the chatter by spending a couple of days with some of the most successful and trusted experts from around Australia and the world.

With hope growing that Europe might finalise an effective strategy to solve their debt problems, there has been a good recovery in the commodity and stock markets globally this week and a Wall Street rally pushed the Dow up 2.5% on Monday.

The Australian dollar also rose overnight following a second straight day of gains across global equity markets - but speakers presenting at the event next weekend have mixed views on whether the current global economic and financial conditions signals that the world is about to be hit by a 'second leg' of the GFC.

Despite some positive movement this week some say it is highly possible, but many believe it is unlikely and point to optimism, despite concerns about the US housing market and low market confidence.

Most presenters at the event however, will be advising visitors on how to safeguard their investments in these volatile and uncertain times with actionable strategies they can adopt today.

It's a once a year opportunity to get up-close and personal with people in the know, to network and participate in workshops and gather reliable information upon which to build their strategy.

There's a major exhibition and representatives will also be on hand from government and independent association groups such as the Australian Investors Association, Australian Shareholders Association and the Australian Technical Analysts Association.

Visitors will also learn how to hedge against another market crash, identify hot stocks, trade currencies, maximising profit from their self managed super and there's even dedicated seminars in Mandarin Chinese and a share trading workshop for beginners.

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