14 September marks the closing of Vicenzaoro choice

The curtain has closed on the five days of the September edition of VICENZAORO, the autumn showcase of the latest trends in goldsmithing and jewellery specifically targeting Italian and international retailing, featuring 1400 exhibitors from 50 Italian provinces and 40 countries worldwide. More than 22,100 professional operators thronged to Fiera di Vicenza, of which 13,741 were first-time admissions. There was a total of 118 countries represented by international buyers.

This year saw a special prologue to the event in About J, an exclusive international invitation-only appointment at Fiera di Vicenza dedicated to the haute couture of jewellery, followed up in the About J Gallery at VICENZAORO.

This edition of VICENZAORO highlighted an overwhelming vitality in Italian production that succeeded in captivating buyers and general distribution present with an offer that was intensely focused on new trends, design, and innovation. In spite of a global economic situation that is difficult to forecast and the value of raw materials that continues to break record prices daily, the brick pace of business during the event further confirmed the drive and capacity of products "Made in Italy" as an international leader.

The relaunching of the Italian system was further boosted by the reputation and expertise of VICENZAORO, which deservedly represents one of the most important sector events in the world.

The main theme of the show "Innovation is in our hands. Stubbornly Italian" was a great success. Many exhibitors could identify personally with this topic during the opening talk and offered observation useful to the evolution of a sector undergoing a radical revamping of its very foundations.

VICENZAORO has continued in the development of the FDV 2011/2015 project, the acceleration and development plan undertaken by Fiera di Vicenza in January, focusing its operational efforts on themes related to creativity, research, and cross-cultural interaction.

The link between the exhibition, mainly dedicated to business, and the cultural and training events, as indicated by the FDV project, has become increasingly close and incisive. Themes like new trends, design, new materials, training, new talents, and new media have found solutions, inspiration, and contributions in innovative communications formats.
VICENZAORO also inaugurated the New Directions Hall, a space dedicated to new Italian contemporary jewellery. This appointment featured 14 independent designers selected from the Milan Polytechnic to reinterpret the very styles and quintessence of jewellery, presenting collections and unprecedented proposals that embodied contemporary trends.

Another innovation presented during the September edition of VICENZAORO was the birth of the first Creative Research Centre on jewellery trends, the Trend Vision Jewellery & Forecasting, an actual observatory dedicated to identifying mega trend on the market, where different "worlds" that rotate around jewellery are studied: fashion-design, luxury, distribution channels, the profile of the sophisticated consumer. This initiative, which represents an important contribution to the evolution of Italian production, from 2012 will also be part of the exhibition format of Fiera di Vicenza and spur the development of new editorial products.

New creativity is targeted by the competition dedicated to under-30 designers, NEXT JENERATION Jewellery Talent Contest, launched by Fiera di Vicenza and coordinated by professor Alba Cappellieri, director of the Fashion Design degree course at the Milan Polytechnic and professor of Jewellery Design.

The objective of this initiative is to support emerging designers from the most prestigious international schools by putting them into contact with the industry and Italian goldsmithing and jewellery production. The awards ceremony is planned to take place at VICENZAORO in May 2012 and the winners will be present at the Fair with their winning designs.

Fiera di Vicenza has also launched the Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards, dedicated to the excellence of international jewellery and was presided over by renowned Master Jeweller Gianmaria Buccellati.

There are 7 categories of Awards to celebrate the 'best' professional Italian and international designers, the best jewellery collection, the most innovative point of sale, the most effective communications campaign, the best web presence, and new solutions dedicated to packaging. Mark your calendars for VICENZAORO in May 2012 with a red carpet of jewellery to celebrate the winners.

Fiera di Vicenza believes in young people, also involving Italian excellence from the world of higher education. Future architects and designers were featured in a spectacular exhibition entitled Touch Fair Architecture, which showcased the 30 best projects resulting from a workshop organised by the IUAV (University of Architecture) of Venice. This initiative sponsored by a partner company of Fiera di Vicenza, Colorcom, specialised in exhibition design, involved 140 students from the Architecture programme in a project to design fair pavilions conceived to offer visitors an exciting multisensory experience. New architectures for fairs of the future.

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