Lisa Shara Hall came to Russia to celebrate anniversary of Tsimlyansky wines

Lisa Shara Hall one of the most prominent persons of the American wine market is an Editor in Chief of the most influential U.S. specialized wine media: Wine Business Monthly, Wine Business Insider and She has come to Russia for the first time at the invitation of the Asti Group exhibition company and Tsimlyanskoye Winery to celebrate the 225th anniversary of Tsimlyansky wine, which took place in the town of Tsimlyansk, Rostov region, on 21st and 22nd of September, 2011.

In May 2011 Lisa Shara Hall visited the "Russian" master class "The Best Russian wines", conducted by Asti Group at the London International Wine Fair 2011 within the framework of the collective participation of Russian companies, organized under the support of the Administration of Krasnodar region. There she first appreciated the originality and unique taste of Russian wines.

To receive a more complete picture of the diversity of the regenerating Russian winemaking Ms. Hall plans to visit, apart from the famous Tsimlyanskoye Winery and our most northern Vedernikov Winery, the farms that became a real pride of the Russian winemaking: Fanagoria, Chateau le Grand Vostok, Kuban-Vino, Myskhako and Abrau-Durso. Also it will be interesting for her to get acquainted with the garage wines of the Klouch Zhizny and Usadba Semigorije wineries and take part in the tasting of wines from Cabernet grapes variety grown in the Krasnodar region.

Further, Ms. Hall will become acquainted with a new and promising wine company Lefkadia. For a large wine community the premiere of Lefkadia wines will take place in November in Moscow at the Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2011 International Exhibition.

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