Celebration of Tsimlyansky at Russian Wine Fair

For several years Tsimlyansky wine graces with its presence the Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair International Exhibition, which is annually held in Moscow.

The year 2011 for Tsimlanskoye Winery turned out to be successful and rich in rewards, not only in Russia but also at the international competitions. The "sparkling Tsimlyanskoe made the old Cossack way" better known to the consumers as "The Cossack woman", won the silver medal at The International Wine & Spirit Competition which was held at the biggest international exhibition The London International Wine Fair 2011. It was the only Russian wine to receive such a high award, and it became the best present to the company, which this year celebrates its 225 years anniversary.

Tsimlyansky area is the cradle of the oldest winemaking industry of the Don, known since the beginning of the XVIII century, and the northernmost zone of industrial viticulture. Tsimlyanskoe wine is known since the days of Pushkin. In the old days it was prepared in Don region and was delivered in large quantities to St. Petersburg and Moscow nobility. Don historians still cherish the bottle from sparkling wine, dated 1786 year.

Wine, previously only available to privileged circles, is now widespread in our country and abroad due to the fact that winemakers of the plant managed to keep the centuries-old traditions of Don winemaking. A unique feature of the modern Tsimlanskoye Winery is the existence of its own vineyards, which grows the well-known grape varieties: red Tsimlyansky black, Plechistik, Saperavi northern and white Aligote, Rkatsiteli, Flower and Muscat varieties. At the same time the characteristics of the Tsymlyansk district soil in Rostov region are comparable with that of the best wine-making areas of the world.

The 300th anniversary of the birth of the famous champagne wine, which rightly won the worldwide fame, was celebrated in France as a great national holiday in 1968. But champagne is a white wine, and among the red sparkling wines there are no equal to Tsimlyanskii sparkling, according to experts. And more than 200 awards won at prestigious competitions, including 16 Grand Prix and 82 Gold medals, confirm this.

The company currently produces over 60 types of products: champagne, cognac, sparkling and still wines. This year, the production of Tsimlanskoye Winery has already appeared in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Nizhnevartovsk and a number of other Russian cities. By the end of 2011 the company plans to increase its sales geography by 3 times and cover nearly three-quarters of the country.

September 21 is the official birthday of Tsymlyansk winemaking. This holiday will be widely celebrated in the Tsimlanskoye Winery in the town of Tsimlyansk, Rostov region, and will bring together eminent Russian and foreign guests, both connoisseurs of wine and renowned wine experts and lovers of the drink from different Russian regions and foreign countries.

The grand celebration of Russian wine will be continued in Moscow from 17 to 19 of November, 2011 at the Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair International Exhibition, where Tsimlanskoye Winery will present to professionals and amateurs both traditional beverages and new brands. The celebration will be accompanied by master classes and gastronomic tastings.

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