LogIntern to focus on packaging logistics

FachPack 2010 from 28–30 September in Nürnberg offers the entire in-house process chain for packaging, processing and logistics under one roof. The exhibition highlight for the European packaging sector expects more than 1,300 exhibitors and a good 33,000 visitors. The LogIntern segment focuses on packaging logistics and includes the special show "Marketplace for Innovative Logistics Solutions", which is organized by the Institute for Distribution and Trade Logistics (IDH) of the Verein zur Förderung innovativer Verfahren in der Logistik (VVL), Dortmund. The show on an area of some 200 m² presents the latest developments in selected fields of logistics and labelling and identification techniques. The presentation is accompanied by a practical forum programme.

A summary of the current market situation in Germany was prepared in early spring by the Intralogistics Forum, which is supported by various VDMA associations and the Association of Storage and Associated Equipment Manufacturers – Verband für Lagertechnik und Betriebseinrichtungen. Compared with the record year 2008, the sales of German intralogistics suppliers with their approx. 100,000 employees dropped by 21 % to 17 billion EUR in 2009. Although the signs of an upturn are increasing, the long project lead times and the fewer orders received in 2009 mean the sector will have to cope with another decline of some 17 % this year. The forecast sales figure for 2010 of a good 14 billion EUR corresponds roughly to the level of 2005. Ways out of the crisis are shown by the trend study "The Future of Intralogistics 2020+". This identifies three mega-trends that influence the sector: resource efficiency, globalization and innovations. Efficient resource management focuses all the resources in the manufacturing and utilization process that are relevant to intralogistics. One answer to the shift of the economic centres of gravitation is global service. Market shares in these growth markets are best achieved with innovations, which have always been the basis for success of the German intralogistics sector.

What setting would be more suitable for presenting innovations than an exhibition? With more than 33,000 visitors with money to invest during the three days of the exhibition, FachPack with the LogIntern segment offers the ideal forum for all new developments and improvements in packaging intralogistics.

Especially in times of economic challenges, planning, control and the control of material and information flows demand solutions and technologies adapted to the respective requirements of the individual company. LogIntern also shows trends and new developments in optical and electronic identification processes, the auto-ID technologies. Transponder technology in particular guarantees a high degree of transparency and traceability for production engineering and logistics systems. LogIntern also offers the opportunity for discussion of socio-political aspects like environmental protection and sustainability, which develop a constantly increasing pressure to rationalize and call for coordinated technical solutions. Visitors can look forward to many practical examples of more efficient design possibilities for intralogistics processes.

Every second visitor at LogIntern 2009 was specifically interested in storage and order-picking systems, some 40 % each in ancillary loading, transport and storage equipment and conveying systems (multiple answers), followed by identification, coding and product security systems, control and information systems incl. software for intralogistics, loading systems and the associated services.

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