Lift 10 - Connected People

For the fifth consecutive year, Lift Conference draws to Geneva the people who inspire, drive or explore new trends in technology. For three energizing days, Lift Conference looks at the radical thinking behind innovation, the way it affects the use of technology and how it can help us transform change into opportunity.

Started in 2006, Lift Conference is now a not-to-be missed international event that has spawned separate editions in South Korea and in France, as well as a world-wide community that continues to share and contribute to Lift all year-long. Smaller Lift@home events are also organized in San Francisco, Moscow, Brussels, Seoul, Toronto, London, Zurich and Tokyo.

This year's edition of Lift 10 takes place at the Geneva International Conference Center from 5 to 7 May 2010 and is expected to gather 1,000 participants, a three-fold increase from Lift 06.

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