Economist Conferences’ The Pharma Summit 2010

Economist Conferences is holding its 16th annual The Pharma Summit 2010 in London on February 11th. The theme this year is 'Competing in the future healthcare system', and will allow attendees to:

• Get insight from two of the industry's leading chief executives: Hear their unique visions for the future of pharma.
• Identify how business models are changing to reflect the innovation in healthcare delivery.
• Learn about the evolving consumer from other industries and hear how patients are continuing to drive changes.
• Discover new healthcare technologies: Understand the challenges and opportunities that it offers pharma.
• Hear The Economists Intelligence Unit's latest forecast for the markets that will lead the industry's growth in 2010.
• Find out about the future of innovation in pharma and how biohackers can change the way the industry innovates.

The event will bring together 150 senior executives from across pharma including some of the industry's most influential names.

The event will be held at Renaissance Chancery Court, London on February 11th from 9am to 5pm.

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