US Interior Secretary visits wind farm during COP15 participation

The Global Wind Energy Council hosted US Secretary of the Interior Mr. Ken Salazar on a tour of the Middelgrunden offshore wind energy farm just outside of Copenhagen this afternoon, along with representatives of the Danish Wind Industry Association, Vestas, DONG and Siemens. Secretary Salazar has been a strong proponent of exploiting the vast potential for offshore wind generation off the US East Coast, in pursuit of President Obama's "25% by 2025" initiative.

Secretary Salazar has a particular interest in offshore wind technology, and he has been a strong advocate of the use of the public lands and offshore waters under his jurisdiction to build the US' renewable energy generation capacity. Experts estimate that over 1,000 GW of wind energy could be built off the US East coast alone, and while there are no offshore wind farms currently operating in the US, a number of projects are in the pipeline.

By the end of 2009, total installed offshore capacity in Europe will be approximately 2,000 MW, just over 1% of the expected total year end global installed capacity of 150,000 MW. However, the share of offshore wind generation is expected to grow substantially in the coming years, particularly in Europe, where up to 55,000 MW are anticipated to be installed by 2020.

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