Broadband Forum honors Frank Van der Putten of Alcatel-Lucent

The Broadband Forum recognized one of its longest serving board members with a special award at the third quarter meeting in Budapest this week. Frank Van der Putten was presented with the Distinguished Fellow Award only the fourth person to receive this honor in recognition of the major influence he has had on the direction and success of broadband development.

Frank has been a member of the Broadband Forum for 13 years and a board member for nine years, currently holding the position of Treasurer. He also chairs the Forum's Finance & Audit Committee, as well as participates in the Green, Fiber and Technical Oversight Committees.

He is Standards Manager for Wired Access Networks at Alcatel-Lucent and, along with his Broadband Forum commitments, is an active member of the ITU-T and ETSI.

Another award was presented at the Budapest meeting. Hakan Westin was inducted into the Broadband Forum's Circle of Excellence. Hakan, a strategic product manager at Tilgin, was recognized for his invaluable editorial leadership in the BroadbandHome Working Group.

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