LeWeb Conference "REAL-TIME WEB"

The 2009 LeWeb conference, organised by Géraldine and Loďc Le Meur, will be held on 9 and 10 December at the 104 venue in Paris. The real-time web is this year's true revolution. The meteoric success of Twitter has ushered in the age of immediacy and promises to send shockwaves through society and the economy. In light of the growth of the Facebook and Twitter ecosystem and the new ways in which mobile phones are being used, start-up companies and major enterprises alike are gearing their services towards this new environment and the new ways of consuming content, such as applications, games, news, reading, services and leisure.

Once again, scores of leading figures and company directors will be transforming Paris into the world's web centre for two days and sharing their views on this trend of the Internet: Marissa Mayer - Google, Vice President, Search Products & User Experience / Danah Boyd - Fellow Harvard University / Chad Hurley - YouTube, Inc. Co-Founder & CEO / Michael Arrington - TechCrunch, Editor / Robert Scoble - American blogger / Gary Vaynerchuk - Wine Library TV…

The following topics have been lined up for this latest LeWeb conference: Who will win the battle - Twitter or Facebook? What strategy are the giants Google and Microsoft going for?

Are we finally seeing the emergence of the mobile web? What changes can we expect to see in the new uses and devices, such as the iPhone, where phones are practically becoming an essential part of everyday life?

What opportunities is the real-time ecosystem spawning for entrepreneurs?

Hundreds of applications are created every week for Twitter, iPhone and Facebook in what is becoming a highly lucrative business for some developers. Which applications are the most popular and why? Which new business models are emerging? The Apple App Store ecosystem alone generates two billion dollars in revenues and has given rise to a new business sector.

How do brands and marketing need to change their game plan in response to the new world buzz phenomenon, where dividing lines are disappearing?

Brands that fail to embrace this new form of "live focus group" are losing ground against their competitors. Ford, Dell, Intel, BestBuy, Air France and many other major corporations are not only taking a close look at what people are saying about them, but also responding to their customers proactively. Brands that do try to be inventive in a bid to wring value out of the real-time web are rewarded with a positive impact on their business. Demonstration with the best practical cases, such as Zappos and its CEO, Tony Hsieh, who has just sold his company to Amazon for around 1 billion dollars.

What new services are available to users?

How are the traditional media and new media going to reinvent themselves, adjust their business model and take advantage of the real-time phenomenon? Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam, will be at the conference to share his vision and explain how they are revolutionising the music industry.

Why is the real-time web such a hit with celebrities and politicians?

Building up a real community has now become more important than marketing and advertising efforts, whether for an individual or brand.

How do you create a community? How do you expand your community and what are the tips to keep it growing? What are the best examples of communities, which are the most active and why?

New types of behaviour are serving as a blueprint for new business models.

The new generation of online consumers has grown up in the free culture.

But in recent months, there has been a change of events: the virtual goods and casual gaming markets are now real markets generating real revenues. By buying virtual goods, such as gifts for friends and avatars available on social networks, we are building a new economy of "virtual owners". What opportunities does this market hold?

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