Compamed 2009

Japanese optical fibre giant in search of medical equipment partner to champion fight against infection. Fujikura – world optical fibre manufacturer - comes to next month's Compamed exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany (18 – 20 November) with a mission to find a medical equipment manufacturing partner to develop synergies incorporating low-cost, single-use imaging devices in a bid to help reduce the spread of infection in hospitals throughout the world.

Fujikura Europe LogoFujikura's Applied Optics Division, which focuses on medical sector applications, is looking to increase and enhance the range of single-use devices available to the medical sector by developing products in partnership with medical equipment manufacturers. It is at Compamed in Hall 08A (stand P20).

"There is undoubtedly a growing interest and increasing demand for single-use imaging medical devices because they remove any potential risk of patient cross contamination when autoclave sterilisation of a product is not possible, " said Robert Walker, Fujikura Europe's Business Development Manager.

"Insufficiently sterilised equipment increases the risk of spreading more resilient harmful bacteria, some of which can lead to Hepatitis B and vCJD (Variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease), therefore if products can be developed for single-use, patient safety can be dramatically increased, " added Walker.

Fujikura has been recognised as a major supplier of fused silica image fibres to medical equipment manufacturers for more than 20 years and the company believes that single-use products are a key to cutting infection. It is now looking to work with a leading medical equipment manufacturer to develop world-class, cost-effective products to meet the recent upsurge in demand.

Fujikura offers a range of CMOS sensor-based assemblies designed for use in endoscopes with 3mm diameter or less, fused silica coherent image fibre bundles and biocompatibility certified large core fibres which are suitable for use with medical laser products.

Appearing with the company at Compamed is Fujikura-owned FiberTech – manufacturer of the world's smallest fibrescope - who will be exhibiting in Europe for the first time and will show a range of products including its Fibre Scope Imaging System, the AS-611 Minimally Invasive Ophthalmic Endoscope and a monitor (NTSC) for use with Imaging Systems and Fibre Scopes.

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