China province ups budget for agri-machinery

A sizeable Chinese delegation, including experts from various agricultural institutions and the Chinese agricultural ministry, will be at the exibition Agritechnica in Hannover to view for themselves the latest advancements in technology for agriculture production.

One of the top regions for grain production and marketing in China, Heilongjiang province accounts for a tenth of total grain production at 160 million tonnes in 2008. An extended spring-summer drought that threatened to wreak havoc on grain production in the northeast province this year has only strengthened the national resolve to push for increased mechanisation and the use of technology inputs in agriculture production.

Characterised by a frosty climate and low population densities, Heilongjiang is often associated with the stoic outlook of its inhabitants. Such resilience is typical of Chinese attitudes towards overcoming obstacles. Heilongjiang recently announced a tenfold increase in funds available for the purchase of agricultural machinery, to 100 million Euros. Even so, the rest of the country has embarked on similar pro-mechanisation policies. Undeterred by draught-plagued harvests in the northern areas, the National State Council in April approved a plan to raise national grain output to 550 million tonnes by 2020, or an increase of 50 million tonnes over 12 years.

The Chinese-European Farm Mechanisation Summit, to take place on 10 November, will focus on trends in China's drive towards farm mechanisation and showcase a collaborative project on the benefits gained from the application of high-tech German agri-machinery on a Chinese farm. It also presents an excellent opportunity for participants to interact and learn more about the machinery available and the types of technology relevant to Chinese farms.

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