The Emerging Communications Conference & Awards 2009

The Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm Europe 2009) brings its forum for disruptive free-thinkers in telecom, mobile and Internet communications here for its first-ever European event over three days next week.

Panel discussions, keynote addresses and presentations by individuals have been selected for their promise to provoke new ideas, new directions and new opportunities in emerging communications, said Lee S. Dryburgh, organiser and co-chair of eComm.

"Our first two events in the United States proved to be highly effective platforms for highlighting significant opportunities and, on the flip side, pointing out industry hype, " Dryburgh said. "We expect the first European event to carry on the push of ideas for accelerating communications technology and business innovation across the entire communications spectrum."

As examples, he cited scheduled panel discussions for eComm Europe 2009:

Wednesday - Are the Current Ecosystems of Wireline and Wireless Still Relevant? - Moderated by Andy Abramson, of Comunicano. Panelists include Martin Geddes, of BT; Moray Rumney, of Agilent; Brough Turner, of Ashtonbrooke, and Dean Bubley, of Disruptive Wireless.

Thursday - Investing in the Telecom Value Chain for a Post-Meltdown World - Moderated by James Enck, of mCAPITAL. Panelists include Umair Haque. of Havas Media Lab; Hjalmar Winbladh, of RebTel; Michael Jackson, of Mangrove Capital, and Sean Park, of Nauiokas Park.

Friday - Spectrum 2.0 - What's Really Happening? - Moderated by Brough Turner, of Ashtonbrooke. Panelists include Dean Bubley, of Disruptive Analysis; Robert Horvitz, of the Open Spectrum Foundation; Prof. William Webb, of Ofcom; Phillipa Marks, of Plum Consulting, and Aaron Kaplan, of FunkFeuer.

Dryburgh said he is especially pleased that eComm Europe 2009 has attracted the headline sponsorship of Skype, a company that he said exemplifies the spirit of innovation the conference strives to foster.

He pointed out that attendees at eComm Europe 2009 also will be offered a glimpse into another step forward in emerging communications with presentations from core members of the Google Wave team.

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