VTE - Vacuum Tech & Coating Expo

VTE - Vacuum Tech & Coating Expo is the largest European fair devoted to vacuum and coating technologies. After the great success of the 2008 edition, with the participation of more than 60 companies coming from all over the world, VTE Expo will be back in Milan from 25 to 27 November 2009. This is the best occasion to find out about the most advanced and sophisticated technological applications of the sector: machinery, equipment, systems and components, raw and processing materials, engineering plants, monitoring and control systems and instruments, repairs and second-hand plants, consultants, services and software.

VTE Expo is a "not to miss" chance to meet the world of the research and institutions. A thorough conference programme will be held by leading experts, who discuss in depth the state-of-the-art of applications (from photovoltaic to biomedical, from nanotechnologies to thermal insulation) and future scenarios.

VTE Expo 2009 is, once again, one of the most important exhibitions of HTE-Hi.Tech.Expo the international fair dedicated to innovative technologies which last registered over 14, 000 qualified visitors and 300 exhibitors coming from 14 different countries.

VTE Expo 2009 is held alongside other exhibitions which represent the following perfectly complementary industrial sectors: PV TECH 2009 (Photovoltaic Industry and Technologies), PHOTONICA EXPO 2009 (Photonics, Lasers, Optics-Optoelectronics), HYDROGEN SHOW 2009 (Hydrogen and Fuel Cells), BEST - BATTERIES & ELECTRIC STORAGE TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE & EXPO (Batteries, Capacitors, and Ultracapacitors), NANO FUTURE EXPO 2009 (Nanotechnologies), SUPERCONDUCTORS & MAGNETS 2009 (Superconductors & Magnets), FUSION TECH EXPO 2009 (Thermonuclear Fusion), VISION WORLD 2009 (Machine Vision and Identification Technologies).

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