Thinking Digital Set To Return In 2010

Thinking Digital, the UK's answer to American-based 'technology & ideas conferences' such as TED and Pop!Tech, has announced it will return on 25-27 May next year following two hugely successful events over the past two years. Already a host of fascinating names have signed up to speak.

Among them will be Joi Ito, CEO of the Creative Commons, a non-profit organisation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, Rory Sutherland, the vice chairman of one of the world's biggest advertising agencies, Ogilvy UK, and Don Levy, the senior vice-president of marketing and communication at Sony Pictures Digtial.

Thinking Digital is an annual conference where some of the world's greatest thinkers and innovators gather to give inspiring, entertaining talks, and to discuss the latest ideas and technologies.

An audience of 500+ people is expected to attend the event, which will take place at The Sage Gateshead a stunning 'sail-shaped' venue, designed by Foster and Partners, which sits on the banks of the River Tyne when it returns next year.

Herb Kim, the director of Thinking Digital and CEO of Codeworks, the organisation behind it, says: "We've been delighted that Thinking Digital has proven such a success so far. We took a big risk in attempting the first event in May 2008, but since then the feedback from delegates has been incredible. People attending the event tell us they come away each time feeling inspired and energised, and having made important business connections.

"We've got a tough task to try to top this year's event in 2010, but we're determined to do it. With the likes of Joi Ito and Rory Sutherland on board already, it's shaping up to be another excellent event."

Among the highlights of attending the Thinking Digital conference is the eclectic nature of its speaker line-up, with past events having included talks from the world's leading expert on love, Helen Fisher, renowned toy-maker and 'Furby' inventor Caleb Chung, and Aubrey de Grey, who argues that the first human who will live to 1,000 has already been born. Next year's event looks as though it will be similarly eclectic, with leading origami expert Robert Lang and Julian Treasure lined up to talk. Treasure is CEO of The Sound Agency, which helps its clients achieve better results through the use of sound in their activities.

Adds Kim: "One of the best ways to learn and to have better ideas of your own is to keep your mind open to other people's thoughts and experiences, particularly if they work in an area that's relatively alien to you. Time after time people tell us their favourite talks the ones that stuck with them, or changed the way they worked came from those speakers who had a very different outlook or background to their own. It's with all of that firmly in mind that we try to make sure Thinking Digital offers a real mix of speakers while ensuring they retain a link with technology in some way or other."

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