E Commerce Expo 2009

QuickLive Lifetime 'powered by hybris', a new integrated eCommerce and marketing services platform will be launched tomorrow at E Commerce Expo 2009. QuickLive Lifetime enables businesses to standardise on cutting-edge eCommerce solutions and marketing services from the outset. It provides businesses with the flexibility, functionality, scalability and ability to customise as required to accommodate future growth. It enables them to respond to market and consumer demand as the organisation moves along the 'maturity curve' without the need for costly re-platforming. QuickLive Lifetime was developed jointly by hybris, a multi-channel commerce and communication software vendor, LBi Technology, the Technology Division of the largest full-service digital marketing and technology agency in Europe, and Portaltech, a UK eCommerce systems integrator and consultancy.

QuickLive Lifetime is offered either on a SaaS or software ownership basis and supports both B2C and B2B cross channel commerce requirements for businesses of all sizes. The highly configurable platform offers rapid implementation and significantly reduces the cost of ownership overall.

It will enable start up businesses to invest in a fully managed, low-entry, low risk solution but will also support the need for customisation as the business grows, without the costly move to a software ownership model. Improved response times, increased capacity for range extension and the introduction of cross-channel capabilities can easily be managed through the virtualised hosting model giving businesses more power, when they need it. Large scale businesses will be able to move from a fully managed to a self managed environment, as they reach maturity. Different ways to maximise service and minimise costs might be considered but re-platforming will not be necessary. The organisation will be able to protect existing configurations and customisations and move to software ownership with an investment in a hybris enterprise level licence.

This "stepped" approach to licensing, implementation support and business services is offered with a scalable fixed monthly fee to fledging businesses and mature organisations alike. This model can be used throughout the eCommerce lifecycle, with customisation, implementation, support and maintenance provided by Portaltech and the virtualised hosting environment together with design and online marketing services including Web design, SEO, content management, CRM, merchandising and Web analytics provided by LBi Technology.

Andrew Piscina, UK Country Manager for hybris, said; "We are delighted to be working with LBi Technology and Portaltech to enable businesses to invest in their preferred eCommerce platform and benefit from sophisticated marketing services from the first day of trading. We are pleased to be able to offer a clear growth and migration path from a fully managed hosted solution for start-ups to software ownership on an enterprise scale. We are confident that QuickLive Lifetime will prove to be an extremely attractive proposition for organisations which may be starting small and want to minimise risk but have big plans for the future and want to take advantage of next generation customer experience technologies and services from the outset."

John Williams, Chief Technology Officer at LBi Technology said; "The QuickLive Lifetime service is a unique offer that allows a business the control, flexibility and functionality changes to drive the growth of revenue within a SaaS "pay as you grow" model. Buying an eCommerce platform is like getting onto the property ladder. In the past, businesses have left behind their investments in SaaS solutions and had to pay huge premiums to set up dedicated platforms that they can shape to their business needs. QuickLive Lifetime solves this problem. LBi is able to deliver world-class hosting and a full range of digital marketing services to complete the service."

Andrew Walker, CEO of Portaltech, said; "The collaboration with LBi Technology and hybris to deliver QuickLive Lifetime as a stepped SaaS solution not only provides a future proof eCommerce strategy but provides a complete business solution for organisations that want to make fast and successful entrances into the online world, building brands and creating excellent customer experiences that will attract and retain customers in the long term."

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