National Photovoltaics Conference - Solar Flair 09

Solar Flair 09 is funded by the Electronic Knowledge Transfer Network (EKTN) to demonstrate to companies the range of business opportunities that photovoltaics will offer over coming months and years. A market that is predicted by Pira International to rise to US$48 billion in the next 5 years, solar energy is becoming more accessible, more sustainable and ultimately cheaper to use which means that business opportunities are developing fast.

Every 40 minutes enough solar energy falls on the Earth to power all our needs for an entire year.* Photovoltaics, using the sun to provide electricity, is expected to become an increasingly important method of powering homes and businesses, particularly with the introduction of the Clean Energy Cashback scheme in the UK next year.

The aim of Solar Flair 09 is to show businesses what current technologies are available, how to become involved in the supply chain, how it can be funded and where research is leading us.

The conference's speakers will include representatives from companies at the forefront of this technology including QuantaSol, Sanyo, Romag, The Centre for Renewable Energy at Durham University and the Printable Electronics Technology Centre (PETEC), the UK's national flagship facility for Printable Electronics, based at NETPark in County Durham.

Solar Flair 09 is organised by the County Durham Development Company (CDDC) on the behalf of the EKTN. CDDC's managing director, Stewart Watkins, said "This conference will give a wide variety of businesses a forum in which to share ideas and technologies, and the opportunity to learn more about the industry and its commercial potential. It is a simple fact that the future of our planet relies on us using more sustainable, environmentally friendly energy so promoting the use of photovoltaics is a step in the right direction."

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