Interxion to Host Amsterdam Technical Forum for The Green Grid

Interxion, a European operator of carrier-neutral data centres, is to host The Green Grid's upcoming EMEA Technical Forum in Amsterdam. The Green Grid, a global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centres and business computing ecosystems, is holding the event at Interxion's new AMS5 data centre on 15th October, which is one of four one-day conferences taking place across Europe this month.

The purpose of the events is to keep The Green Grid's members, and the IT industry in general, informed about the latest initiatives in metrics, tools, training, and collaboration to measure and improve data centre efficiency. Key topics under discussion will include advice on how, when and where to best measure energy efficiency and a review of the latest tools and metrics. Speakers during the conferences include: Andre Rouyer, EMEA Technical Work Group Vice-Chair and Industry and Government Alliances at APC by Schneider Electric; Vic Smith, EMEA Technical Work Group Chair and Senior Technologist at Dell; Roger Tipley, Vice-President of The Green Grid and Senior Technologist at Hewlett-Packard; and Larry Vertal, Executive Director of The Green Grid. In addition, Interxion's Lex Coors, VP Data Centre Technology & Engineering Group, will be speaking at the event in Amsterdam.

"We have a long tradition of collaboration with The Green Grid and are keen that their messages on energy efficiency meet with the widest possible success, " said Michel van den Assem, Managing Director, Interxion Netherlands. "It is particularly appropriate that an event which is focused on increasing the efficiency of the data centre will be taking place at our recently-completed AMS5 facility, where many of the latest design and operational procedures have been put in place to optimise energy efficiency."

The Green Grid seeks to provide industry-wide recommendations on best practices, metrics and technologies that will improve overall data centre and business computing energy efficiencies.

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