RES Mobile at the 6th International Congress & Exhibition

The International Congress and Exhibition on EE & RES 2010 will have a strong branch support by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, Bayern Innovativ, European Geothermal Energy Council, COGEN Europe, European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, American Council on Renewable Energy, Italian Association of Producers of RES Energy, Italian PV Industry National Association, etc.

There will be a strong German, Austrian and Italian participation at the forthcoming exhibition. For the first time there will be a special session for RES Mobile: e-cars & e-bikes; other innovative e-mobile systems; Hybrids. The new exhibition section will focus on mobility technologies such as electric drive systems, mobile energy storage solutions and new fuels.

EE & RES is developing better and better in South East Europe, even in a year of crisis. The strategic partnership with the more advanced EU member states, particularly with Germany, and the know-how transfer helps a lot to accelerate the EE & RES development in the Region of SEE. The Congress contributes to the establishment of network among the experts of EE & RES sector and that results in the foundation of the EE & RES Federation for SE Europe in 2009. The union will help the Region to move faster forward. Energy Efficiency needs an improvement in all South-East European countries even though the sectors of Solar, Wind, Bio and Geo energy are already trendy in SE region.

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