EQUIP AUTO will gather the world automotive industry players at the Parc d'Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte from October 13th to 18th, 2009. Its 10th Forum will be dedicated to Electro-Mobility. Beyond the announcements and prototypes which appeal to the mainstream at auto shows, the aim is to try with all the industry players "from design to maintenance" to outline the schedule and the scope of the electric alternative in general, and more specifically of the various plug-in solutions, and to assess its challenges and opportunities for the auto manufacturing and related industries.

Announcements and declarations on the future of electro-mobility have abounded in the last few months. Depending on the manufacturers' strategic policies, some contend that it would account for 10% of the world production by 2020, while others assess it at only 1% or 2% referring to the "automobile era" as that of a complex industry with a globally structured siting supported by heavy investment programmes which require medium-term or even long-term visibility. With the "conventional" IC engine technologies, thanks to the platform approach it has become possible over the last twenty years to change lines rapidly to offer a greater number of models, and at the same time to improve engine types to meet the standardization requirements of the different markets.

On the other hand, electro-mobility completely changes the whole kinematic chain and the vehicle architecture. The way how vehicles are used is to be reconsidered in light of the evolution of battery technology and local recharging facilities. One can imagine switching right now to fully electric cars, or providing transitional solutions in parallel like plug-in hybrid vehicles or Range Extender engines. Specific targets can already be identified (e.g. captive fleets, taxis, in-town delivery, car sharing).

But with regard to "consumer drivers", it becomes more complex to determine the degree of acceptability according to geography, economy, recharging and maintenance facilities, and the culture of each market. Especially since the peak-oil threat and oil price variations, in addition to environmental concerns, can suddenly modify all acceptability parameters.

The 10th EQUIP AUTO World Forum will attempt to provide, if not definitive answers, at least clarifications, to all these questions via a programme of presentations and panel discussions in Hall 6 of the exhibition, with the participation among others of RENAULT, PSA, MICHELIN, ELECTRUCKCITY/MODEC, and the European Consortium for Electric Vehicle… This public forum will take place within an
exhibition and demonstration area specifically dedicated to electro-mobility.

To open the forum this debate will gather representatives of carmakers, component manufacturers, public and political authorities, and will discuss the conclusions of the working groups on infrastructure and coordination methods set up under government aegis, as well as government incentive schemes.

After a presentation of the environmental, economic and societal context, the debate will review the ambitions and stakes of the major technological proposals for electromobility. It will in particular cover the prospects offered by the new and future generations of energy storage. It will analyze the players' strategies in all development directions (commercial vehicles, private cars and new architectures) under all city and touring use aspects. Lastly, the debate will attempt to gain insight
into the impacts and opportunities for the auto manufacturing and related industries.

Speakers: (in alphabetical order)
· Michel ALBRAND (Electruckcity),
· Joseph BERETTA (PSA Peugeot Citroën),
· Claude CHAM (President of the Plateforme de la Filière Automobile, PFA
(automotive industry platform) & President of FIEV),
· Christophe CHEVRETON (Alliance Renault- Nissan)
· Thierry FAUGERAS (FIEV CO2 Committee, PFA Clean Engine Working Group),
· Jean-Louis LEGRAND (Inter-ministry coordinator for decarbonated vehicles),
· Daniel MOULENE (Lumeneo-Smera)
· Louis NÈGRE (Senator, in charge of coordinating trade associations and industry
players for the French minister of environment, Jean Louis BORLOO)
· Patrick OLIVA (Michelin),
· John SEARLE(European Consortium for Electric Vehicle).

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