Debut Industry Conference to Address Process Plant Efficiency

Industrial plant efficiency continues to be a fundamental concern for process plants in key sectors such as chemical processing, petrochemical and oil and gas refining and production. Margins for corporations are challenged by recessive economic pressures and the social responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint, prompting them to look towards deploying more environmentally-friendly practices.

The Industrial Bus and Wireless Technology Conference, to be held for the first time from 3 4 December 2009 at Suntec Singapore, aims to address these challenges, to enable greater robustness, safety and dependability of plant operations.

These operational gains stem from the efficient design of plants for long-term operability based on industrial bus technology, an all-digital industrial network system for real-time distributed control, connecting microprocessors-based control and field devices bi-directionally. Bus deployment benefits can be seen throughout the processes of installation, maintenance and commissioning. The technology, together with the deployment of wireless networking, allows for remote access to status and diagnostic information, enables predictive maintenance strategies via continuous condition monitoring and sees major cost savings in reduced point-to-point wiring and associated equipment.

The Industrial Bus and Wireless Technology Conference is designed by industry leaders for industry professionals from multiple levels within plant design and operations. The conference will address critical underlying challenges on interoperability and the increasing reliability of wireless architecture. Industry and technology experts will give detailed perspectives into case studies of various bus and wireless technology implementations.

The two-day conference comprises two tracks which will run in parallel - Plant Operations & Maintenance and Control Systems & Design. The technical panel, responsible for shaping the conference programme and ensuring that the topics are the most relevant and comprehensive, comprises top executives from the major industry bodies, technology providers and technology users.

Technical Panel Members

* Panel Chairman
Kang Thian Jian, Past President, Instrumentation and Control Society (ICS), Managing Director, Global Head of Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, System Manufacturing and Project Management, Hyflux Ltd
* Panel Co-Chairman
Jonas Berge, ECT (EDDL Cooperation Team)
* Charles Cheong, President, Field Device Tool Group Singapore
* Andreas Agostin, President, Fieldbus Foundation Marketing Society (Singapore)
* Dr David Matsumoto, President, Singapore Section, International Society of Automation (ISA)
* Dominique Chabauty, President, PROFIBUS Association South East Asia
* Kwong Kok Chan, General Manager, Environment, QA & Special Projects, Senoko Power Ltd
* Sachin Gupta, President, Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance Asia Pacific (WINA)

The conference will be held in conjunction with Asia's leading process engineering, controls instrumentation and scientific equipment event, CIA2009. The exhibition consists of ControlsAsia2009, InstrumentAsia2009 and AnaLabAsia2009, and will be held in Suntec Singapore from 1 - 4 December 2009.

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