15th Edition of Marintec China

UBM/Seatrade and the Shanghai Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, organisers of Marintec China, announced today at an information briefing held in Shanghai that the exhibition will utilise Halls W1 to W4 of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Up to the current month, the 2007 total floor area record has been broken and surpassed, the exhibition is expecting to cover 46,000 sqm. At the same time, the main theme of the co-current event, Senior Maritime Forum, has been set to "Crisis, Challenges and Opportunities".

Individual exhibitor from Turkey will be first exhibiting this year in Marintec China, together with companies from Belgium, Canada, Greece, India, Italy, Portugal and Russia. Apart from individual new-joiners, there will be 18 National/Regional and group pavilions this year, including Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, HKSAR, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Everyday news is always discussing and analysing the global economic doldrums, bringing us pessimism. However, China, by effectively coping with the financial crisis, has own initial success. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) expects to have 50 million DWT in annual capacity by 2011, accounting at least 35% of the global total. In April, new orders reached 200,000 DWT, showing a 7% increase higher than a year earlier. MIIT also said the combined production capacity of Chinese shipyards is 28.81 million DWT, contributing 29.5% of the world's total.

Government's support is a key to a successful development of an industry. Speeding up the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Centre has become the focus of Maritime Community of China and the world. Shanghai, is selected by the government to be the global financial and shipping centre, announced by Mr Liu Tienan, Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in a press conference recently. At the same time, the State Council also stated the country would build the eastern metropolis into a global shipping hub to allocate international shipping resources by 2020. All the news are showing the government's optimism in the setback, they are finding an efficient path for the stable development of both China and world economy, including maritime industry.

Over the past 30 years, China has been developing in a fast pace after its opening up with its unceasing deepen opening policy. Marine is one of the her targeted sectors and being well-developed under the full support of government policies. At the same time, Marintec China has been cultivated in the industry and grew steadily together with China's maritime industry. Having been held 14 editions successfully, Marintec China will have its 15th edition in Shanghai in 2009. This year, Marintec China will set up again the platform for international industry professionals to gather at one place where the customised and ideal place for the professional exhibitors and profiled buyers to come across the market trend, news and trading environment of the industry, as well as establishing new networks and businesses. Let's overcome the crisis, and make full preparations for the revival of maritime industry.

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