Taipei Food Delivers Halal Food Of The Finest Quality, Safety, Flavor

The first-ever Halal Food Pavilion at Taipei FOOD 2009 benchmarks a new shift of Taiwan food towards the export market. The 40 food manufacturers in the Halal Pavilion, all certified Halal producers, are out to establish a foothold on the menus of the Islamic world by underscoring quality, safety, and flavor. Already the food manufacturers of Taiwan have achieved international standards in technique, equipment, scope of production, and automation. These firms also possess strengths in R & D, quality consistency, and reasonable and reliable pricing. Best yet, their products are particularly praised for their excellent taste!

The value of this market is huge, estimated at US$580bn and with growing incomes across the Islamic world that value is annually growing. That huge market traces the Islamic belt of nations that stretch from western Africa through the mid-East to the Malaysia and Indonesia.

Look who's at the Halal Food Pavilion!

The 40-company line-up of exhibitors include some of the top Taiwan food companies. These are: KING CAR、KOKU MORI、HAW-DI-I FOODS、SUNLIGHT FOODS、LONG KOW、I-MEI FOOD、TATUNG CAN、AGV…etc.

Taiwan quality to enrich, enhance Halal food

Taiwan makers have gone all out to achieve the international recognition for their Halal food which must pass several inspections. They have also gained Halal food certification from the official certification institutions in Taiwan which are the three major mosques located in North, Mid, and South Taiwan, which have already obtained recognition from Majlis Ugama Lslam Singapore (MUIS), and JAKIM. Since gaining certification from Taiwan, these products can be exported to Singapore, Malaysia and the Mid-East.

Hallah Food – With Taiwan characteristics!

The Halal Food Pavilion in this food exhibition is quite exclusive with Halal-certified beverages and snacks with the special flavor characteristics Taiwan. It's here where you can sample healthy vinegar, and red yeast products from KOKU MORI, the multi grain rice, oats, and nuts products from SUNLIGHT FOODS. There's also LONG KOW, a firm noted for its green bean noodles which are packed with health promoting qualities. And surprise, there's even Chinese style Barbeque sauce produced by HAW-DI-I FOODS, also Halal certified which is expected to soon be heading to the Near East.

As the countdown approaches Food Taipei 2009 you can be assured that TAITRA, the organizer, is going all out to offer the largest, prospect-packed window the food world. The Halal Pavilion is just one of many endeavors the will make the June 23-26 event, a global food mecca.

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