2009 China Sustainable Building Forum & Expo

2009 China Sustainable Building Forum & Expo will be held from June 29 to July 1 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. China Sustainable Building Forum & Expo is the international platform for the communication, study and trading of construction industry. The forum focus on promoting "Energy saving, Comfort, Health" applicable to sustainable building, discussing the standards of sustainable building and construction in China and the application of new energy-saving measures on the construction of eco-city building.

In the Forum section, government officials, industry leaders, experts, scholars, investors and developers of ecological construction from home and abroad will be invited to have an in-depth talk on subjects like the construction of international eco-city, the development of housing integration technology in China, wood structure technology and industrial development, ecological landscape planning and construction, the use of external sun-shading technology in China��s sustainable building.

At the same time, leaders of Chinese real estate industry, world-famous experts and China��s eco-city planners, aiming at pushing the development of China��s sustainable construction, will gather at the ��10+10 Roundtable of Sustainable Construction industry leaders�� held inconjunction with the forum to elaborate on topics like the influences that Chinese eco-city construction brings to the sustainable development of Chinese and global economy.

The confirmed guest speakers involved include Professor Vivian Loftness, board member of USGBC, Volker Hartkopt, professor of Carnegie Mellon University, Douglas Farr from Farr Associates, Gordon Gill from Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, Mr. Hongxi Yin and Mr. Ming Qu, Professor of Purdue University, John Gage from KPCB, Douglas Mass, Shenshu Zhang, Ken Yeangl, James Timberlake, David Nelson and dozens of top experts and scholars home and abroad.

The Expo section is also warmly welcomed by domestic and international brands, especially industry leaders like BROAD, the company that performs well in fields of energy saving air-conditioner and environment protection. Butler, the magnate of steel structure, hoping to prompt the new revolution of construction technology, will also participate with the body and affiliated of its well-recommended light-steel structure equipments.

Fabricated house, which is closely related with light-steel structure, will have specific exhibition area in the Expo. Manufacturers like Shanghai FK Steel Co., Ltd., who engages in the design and assembly of light-steel house will come with its latest products, aiming at developing the grand China market.

In addition, wood structure housing section of CSB is also highly recognized with the participation of numerous famous enterprises and organizations, including Canada Wood, one of the first institutions who promotes wood structure house home, American Forest & Paper Association, the authority of promoting American style wood-structure house, Yingkou Maobo Wooden Products Co., Ltd., the first-ranking manufacturer of European wooden house, Suzhou Crownhomes Co., Ltd., the company specializes in the research, development and construction of modern North American timber-framed structures.

Design and construction enterprises like Arup, the engineering consulting company who takes several eco-city projects including Chongming Eco-city, Turenscape, the most representative domestic landscape planning institution and Belt Collins International (HK) Ltd., the well-known landscape design enterprise will also present at CSB.

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