Stone+tec Nürnberg 2009: 30 Years Of Natural Stone Expertise

When Stone+tec 2009 takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from
20-23 May, the International Trade Fair Natural Stone and Stoneprocessing Technology can look back on three decades in which it has developed into one of the largest events of its kind in the world. In 1979,98 exhibitors and 7,000 visitors attended the Deutsche Naturwerksteintage, as the exhibition was called at that time; approximately 800 exhibitors and some 40,000 trade visitors are expected this year. Stone+tec has proved to be a key source of inspiration for 30 years, especially at times of crisis.

The central location in Europe with its great culture of natural stone architecture and art made the exhibition an ideal meeting-place to supply the industry with products, services and ideas to help it survive in a hard-fought market. In addition to natural stone as extremely varied material for applications such as facades and high-grade interior finishing, the visitor finds all the necessary equipment for the professional processing of natural stone and a unique range of products for gravestone culture.

That the material which is literally as old as the hills still has new facets to show in the 21st century is also proved by exhibitors from all over the world at this year's Stone+tec Nürnberg. For example, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology's initiative for promoting innovative, young companies has grown tremendously: whereas just five exhibitors used this opportunity to exhibit in a pavilion at the last Stone+tec 2007, there are now 22 companies in two pavilions – and the display area is five times larger than two years ago. But Stone+tec also has a convincing range of products to offer again in the classic exhibition segments. Besides the large German companies, the international natural stone industry shows its colours in Nürnberg. Visitors naturally find the classic natural stone countries like Italy, Spain, Greece or Turkey here, but many exhibitors from non-European nations are also coming to the exhibition centre again. Stonemasons, architects, furnishing consultants and all those who appreciate the special value of natural stone find the right contacts here.

For tilers who would like to get to know the special requirements for laying natural stone tiles, Stone+tec has offered a special series of seminars since 2003. The seminar "Laying natural stone without damage" takes place in Kiew room, CCN Ost, from 1.30 to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, 20 May 2009. As a result of a new cooperation with the Bayerische BauAkademie (Bavarian Building Academy) and the Landesverband Bayerischer Bauinnungen – Landesfachgruppe Fliesen und Naturstein (Tiles and Natural Stone Group of the Bavarian Building Guilds), tilers also have a place for exchanging views and information this year – the "Tilers Meeting-Point" in hall 1.

Stone+tec also provides inspiration for the restoration of historic works, contemporary architecture and cemetery design. First there is the Peter Parler Award as a tribute to outstanding achievements in restoration, and second the German Natural Stone Award, one of the most noted architecture prizes in Germany. The awards are presented in the EventArea in hall 1 on the coming Thursday and Friday morning respectively. In addition, the German associations – the Deutscher Naturwerkstein-Verband e.V. (DNV) and the Bundesinnungsverband des Deutschen Steinmetz-, Stein- und Holzbildhauerhandwerks (BIV) – offer informative presentations and special shows, such as the presentation "Natural Stone Architecture – Made in Germany".

Another highlight is the 500 m2 special show in hall 4A designed by BIV and DNV together with the art foundry Kunstgießerei Strassacker. This presents examples of concepts showing how existing cemeteries can be redesigned from within.

The special show is supplemented with an information event on Friday afternoon, which presents a study on the present mourning and burial culture in Germany. The presentation by well-known trend researcher Matthias Horx analyses the change in social values and deals with the changed attitude to mourning.

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