Where Is Payforit Today?

The future of mobile payments initiative, Payforit, is set to be discussed at an AIME Knowledge and Networking seminar sponsored by Dialogue Communications, later this week. The seminar, taking place at the Grange Fitzrovia Hotel, London, on Thursday at 6.30pm, will be hosted by AIME's Andrew Darling and see speakers from O2, Three, AEI Mobile and Dialogue discuss the evolution and growth of Payforit over the last two years.

Since its inception in 2006, there have been a number of new developments including Web Payforit and Single Click, and a growth in the scope of purchases made through the mobile internet for both mobile content and also services like mobile tickets and donations as well as online for vouchers and credits. This has allowed Payforit's position in the WAP billing landscape to grow in importance. The seminar will address this progression along with the impact that it will have for operators, API's and content/service providers, as well as looking at potential factors, which may have hindered Payforit's growth, and what can be done to remedy this.

Guiom Peersman, managing director at Dialogue said: "Dialogue has been an important force in the development of Payforit since 2006, and was the first to go live with a Payforit customer, as well as the first API to implement and lead the way with both Web Payforit and Single Click, opening up opportunities for new markets.

"However there is still plenty more we can do to increase the success of Payforit, as well as build on brand awareness. That is why this seminar is important, as it will allow us to look at how it works today, address the needs of Payforit and look at ways to perfect the buying experience for consumers further."

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