Innovation, Eco-design at The Centre Of The Hispack Events

At the conferences and seminars organised in the International Packaging Show, Hispack, experts and professionals from the packaging industry, research centres and associations will tackle the latest developments in the sector and present the new challenges faced by Spanish companies in order to guarantee their competitiveness in the national and international markets. Technological innovation and more sustainable materials set future trends.

The president of Hispack, Javier Riera-Marsá, considers that "in these times of economic crisis, Hispack, more than ever, must inform about all factors which can improve competitiveness of companies in the packaging industry: innovation, new materials, design, emerging markets and business opportunities".

A highlight of the activities programme is the 2nd Hispack Packing and Packaging R&D Event, organised in collaboration with the Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de los Alimentos del Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (IATA-CSIC) and the Instituto Tecnológico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logística (ITENE), which will present the latest advances in materials and biodegradable packaging, which reduce the environmental impact, such as those manufactured from natural sources, like maize cotton, cellulose and those based on proteins, nanomaterials and biopolymers. 300 scientists and technicians from the packaging industry from all over the world are expected to participate.

Along the same lines and in collaboration with the Barcelona Food and Beverage Technology show, Bta, there will be a session on eco-efficient design of products and processes for the food industry, with the participation of representatives from multinationals, such as Nestlé and Carrefour, among others. There will also be conferences which show the advances in food and beverage safety and new technologies for meat and fish preservation and packaging, ingredients and additives, foods which are increasingly adapted to new habits of eating out, presented in small portions which are quick and easy to prepare.

The side events programme will be completed by the first eco-design guide by the Sociedad Pública de Gestión Ambiental del Gobierno Vasco (IHOBE) and the national packaging technology platform; the 4th Youth Packaging Seminar, the conference on the Spanish Packaging Club and other sessions and round tables, the use of wooden packaging and pallets; the business opportunities offered by more sustainable packaging; purchase management; the new regulations on aerosols, flexible packaging and the economic prospects in Point of Purchase Advertising (POPA).

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