TM Forum Excellence Awards 2009 Winners Announced

TM Forum, the world's premier industry group focused on business effectiveness for the communications and media sectors, announced that Chunghwa Telecom and NetCracker Technology as the winners of this year's prestigious 2009 Excellence Awards. The awards featured two categories that recognized best practice within the industry one for communications service providers, the other for solution suppliers and system integrators.

The winners were announced to a packed audience of more than 2, 800 senior executives from the communications and media sectors at the Forum's flagship Management World 2009 conference in Nice - Chunghwa Telecom winning the Best Practices Service Provider Category and NetCracker Technology the Best Practices Supplier/Systems Integrator Category.

More than 40 leading companies from across the industry including, for the first time, entries from the Cable and online services sectors, battled to win. "Competition this year was very fierce and in spite of raising the bar and asking each entrant to demonstrate innovative and cost-effective transformation with quantifiable results, the membership rose to the challenge. Each entrant clearly showed the value of TM Forum standards, delivering significant cost and risk reductions through a range of innovative transformation programs." said Colin Orviss, Chair of the Judging Panel 2009 and Vice Chairman, TM Forum.

This year, for the first time, the winner of the Best Practices Supplier/System Integrator award was chosen exclusively by potential customers from within TM Forum's service provider membership. More than 300 individuals representing over 100 different service providers from the telecom, mobile, cable and defense sectors voted to decide the winner of this category. "The final decision was put the hands of service providers this year, " added Orviss, "By giving the supplier's customers the opportunity to decide the winner, we recognized not only the supplier that demonstrated industry best practice, but also the solutions that service providers see as key to transformation."

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