Responsible Business Summit

CEOs from international brands will meet at the Responsible Business Summit (11-12 May '09, London) to share exclusive insight on how to successfully incorporate CSR values into corporate strategy and emerge as a stronger business.

Recent Ethical Corporation research shows that one of the biggest issues for CSR managers in the current economic climate is finding out how to best embed ethical values into their company's DNA.

In the light of the crisis, many companies are rethinking their overall strategy to integrate corporate responsibility into core business practices, to become better, more profitable businesses. But what is the most effective way to embed ethical values in a business, and what are the opportunities out there for those who succeed?

Ethical Corporation's Responsible Business Summit, taking place on 11-12 May in London, opens with two plenary sessions dedicated to answering these questions.

In the first panel, Jeff Swartz, CEO of Timberland, will share his expertise on how to develop a solid CSR strategy to promote business growth, based on the Timberland business model.

Joining him on the panel, Ikea CEO Anders Dahlvig will share his insights on how to embed CSR in a large organisation. He says of Ikea's approach to responsible business: "We have reached a level of maturity in the organization where the sustainability work can be truly integrated in our everyday business agenda and strategies. Sustainability is no longer an activity on its own but it is totally integrated in everything we do."

A third CEO on the panel, Richard Brown of Eurostar, will be focusing on Eurostar's influence on customers' responsibility.

He says: "Responsible businesses constantly look for ways to reduce their impact on the environment, and to help their customers cut their impact as well. Using less and recycling more are entirely consistent with normal commercial objectives - and are therefore the hallmarks of being responsible to society and shareholders alike."

Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor of The Economist and Editor of 'The World in 2009', will offer commentary on the CEOs' corporate approach to sustainability and provide some insight on upcoming trends.

The second plenary will be specifically focused on how to embed CSR into a company's DNA. Speakers include James Smith, Shell UK Chairman and Philip New, BP Biofuels CEO, who will both share their experience of CSR integration in a large oil company.

They will be joined by Green and Black's President & Founder Craig Sams, who is one of the UK's pioneers in creating a business model rooted in ethical values from day one.

Commenting on his speech, Sams says: "My talk will illustrate the evolution of Green & Black's values, how they've continued under Cadbury's ownership and offer insights into what customers will be looking for in the future. I'll also look at the emerging standards of quality and how they can be integrated to avoid 'symbol clutter' on packaging."

Other topics covered include social innovation, emerging markets, stakeholder engagement, reporting and many more.

The Responsible Business Summit is sponsored by Accenture (Global Sponsor); Transport for London (Silver Sponsor), ECDL and KPMG (Co-Sponsors).

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