The 6th biennial Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition 2009

The 6th biennial Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition 2009 will be held November 10th until November 12th, Maastricht, the Netherlands. Following on from the success of previous Stainless Steel World events held in both Europe and The United States of America, The Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition 2009 promises to be the most important industry event of 2009 bringing together corrosion and materials professionals from the global market place. This unique event offers an excellent opportunity to meet with both suppliers involved in all stages of production, materials and services of the industry to the engineers, end users and decision makers of the future of the stainless steel industry. Diversity of global knowledge from exhibitors, visitors and conference delegates will expand the understanding and knowledge necessary for future industry growth.

The Stainless Steel World Conference 2009 will he chaired by Iris Rommerskirchen, BUTTING, Germany with a steering committee comprised of a globally positioned and dedicated group of professionals with many years worth of experience and knowledge of the stainless steel industry. The members of Stainless Steel World Conference 2009 Steering Committee are committed to the advancement of materials technology in particular and to the development of individuals and their knowledge of applications and processes with the aim of enhancing the future of the stainless steel industry.

The conference will be open to everyone from students through to the seasoned professionals who may all have something to contribute and learn from this event. Student forums, learning zones, workshops and dedicated materials and applications conference sessions, presented via academic, technical and practical presentations will cover a range of topics from martensitic and super martensitic stainless steels, duplex, austenitic, nickel, titanium and other reactive materials. Topics to be covered include the oil & gas industry, chemical & petrochemical industries, power generation, welding, fabrication, market place trends and much more with special topics focusing on maintenance & inspection, equipment design, scrapping & recycling and the availability of grades and the whole product range.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to share your professional experiences with fellow materials professionals!

The Stainless Steel World Exhibition will be held in parallel with the conference and with more than 250 exhibiting companies showcasing their products, services and personality is an excellent way to promote global business to business ventures. Experienced technical and sales staff can guide you through their companies unique product and service portfolio's and will welcome and share with you their wealth of knowledge, experience and practical application advice.

To make The Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition 2009 a fully informative and enjoyable experience Stainless Steel World also offer the chance to network with your peers in a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere - During Welcome Reception before the opening of the event, at the official Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition 2009 Dinner and Party and in the informal lunch area located in the exhibition hall itself during the event, all providing the ideal locations to refresh and revitalize in convivial and stimulating surroundings.

Stainless Steel World, working closely with members of the stainless steel community, plan also to facilitate a plant tour and company visit during this years event. Such an excursion is offered to professionals within the industry and aims to be an excellent 'hands on' way to update your knowledge in the field.

Sponsors Stainless Steel World Conference and Expo 2009: Sandvik, Stalatube, Antonius Vesselheads b.v., Brück, Sumitomo Metals, ArcelorMittal, Nippon Yakin Kogyo and Centravis.

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