NürnbergMesse sets ambitious growth targets

NürnbergMesse takes off with ambitious growth targets: "In line with our approved Strategy Update, we aim to double our turnover from 150 million euros in 2008 to 300 million euros and become one of the ten largest exhibition companies in the world by 2020, " says Managing Director Bernd A. Diederichs. The Nürnberg location plays a key role in this strategy and is to be developed into the fifth largest exhibition and congress venue in Germany, according to the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NürnbergMesse, Dr. Markus Söder, Bavarian Minister of the Environment and Public Health.

NürnbergMesse is hardly noticing the effects of the finance market crisis and economic downturn at the moment: "We are entering 2009 optimistically. Our international exhibitions in the first half-year are as planned and in some cases even slightly better, " says Diederichs. A statement on the second half of the year will not be possible until a few weeks time. Due to the BRAU Beviale exhibition taking a break in 2009, which is in any case an odd year and therefore weaker, any negative economic impacts should only have a small influence on the result for 2009 and 2010 will then improve again. "The exhibition sector is one of the last sectors to be affected by a downturn, and one of the first to profit from a recovery, " explains Diederichs. Overall, the head of the Nürnberg exhibition company expects a turnover of 130 to 150 million euros for 2009. "The relative large spread does not result from economic uncertainty. On the contrary, we are also planning more acquisitions in 2009, which would have a correspondingly positive effect on our turnover."

Record participation for NürnbergMesse Group in 2008
The development of NürnbergMesse shows he is right. For example, the company more than doubled its turnover from 70 to currently 150 million euros in the last ten years. Growth in the financial year 2008 was particularly clear: 20 per cent more than the two previous years. This record growth brought the company a new record turnover and at the same time set a whole series of new records for key exhibition figures compared with 2006: for example, for the number of exhibitors (plus 11 % to 27,286), the space sold (plus 6 % to 885,000 m2) and the number of trade visitors (plus 7 % to 895,000).

Goal: Establish exhibitions in all major regions of the world economy
Diederichs and his team are particularly pleased that the internationality of the company's own events at NürnbergMesse has increased again. This is meanwhile 51 per cent for exhibitors and 37 per cent overall. This makes Nürnberg one of the seven most international exhibition venues in Europe. But this alone is not enough. At the same time NürnbergMesse intends to consistently internationalize and establish its exhibitions in all major regions of the world economy. "Globalization is no one-way street, " says Diederichs. The NürnbergMesse Group is currently present with ten events in Russia, China, Japan and North and South America. This exhibition portfolio is to be expanded to over 40 events. BioFach India and AUTOMATION SHANGHAI – IAC, TME + SENSOR will be added this year. The latter was purchased last year and will now be organized for the first time under the company's own control. In line with the NürnbergMesse strategy, international turnover is to increase more than six-fold from the over eight million euros last year to 50 million euros in 2020.

2020: Nürnberg to be the fifth largest exhibition and congress venue
"Hundreds of thousands of visitors and tens of thousands of exhibitors a year will become ambassadors for Nürnberg and the Metropolitan Region, " says Söder with satisfaction. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board sets the bar even higher: Nürnberg is to become Germany's fifth largest exhibition and congress venue by 2020. For over ten years, Nürnberg has persistently held seventh place in the ranking – after Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich, Berlin and Cologne, and well ahead of Stuttgart, Leipzig and Essen. But this ambitious target will not be achieved without investment in the event portfolio and site. Söder therefore also announced strategic investments of some 300 million euros by 2020. This amount should be used in equal parts for the purchase of exhibitions and exhibition organizers in Germany and abroad and for improving the quality of the Nürnberg exhibition and congress centre.

NürnbergMesse to continue expansion measures
Söder describes the reconstruction of the central area of the Nürnberg exhibition and congress centre, which starts in a few weeks, as an important signal in difficult times. A completely new entrance, service and congress area is to be built by autumn 2010. The spectacular architecture with an 8, 000-m2 segmental roof that also spans the forecourt and a new light and spacious entrance building of 4, 400 m2 create a fitting entrance for the international exhibitions and congresses. "This will be the new visiting card for NürnbergMesse, " says Diederichs. The new building became necessary because the old central area, which originates from the first building phase on the site at the beginning of the 70s, was no longer capable of meeting the growing requirements for visitor registration, modern congress facilities and sufficient catering and service areas. NürnbergMesse will invest a total of more than 55 million euros in the Nürnberg exhibition and congress centre in 2009 and 2010.

New events in 2009
The customers of both existing and new events will profit from these investments. The following new events start in Nürnberg in 2009:

* International Sustainability Conference (17-18 February)
Takes place before the world's leading exhibition BioFach

* iN VIVA (20-21 March)
A public event on living for the 50+ generation, organized by NürnbergMesse

* European Heat Pump Summit (9/10 September)
Congress with accompanying lobby show on heat pumps, technology and application

* it-sa (13-15 October)
A guest exhibition on IT security (organizer: SeCuMedia Verlag)

The first BioFach India (29 April – 1 May) in Mumbai also takes place in 2009 and AUTOMATION SHANGHAI – IAC, TME + SENSOR (2 – 4 June) celebrates its premiere under the direction of NürnbergMesse China.

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