G + H Will Present Novelties And Trends

Every two years HORECA professionals meet at the Brno Exhibition Centre to participate in the International Fair for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering G + H. The 4th run of this show will take place from March 4 – 6, 2009 jointly with the 14th International Wine Fair VINEX. Emphasized topics are aimed at the trends of the present market in gastronomic and accommodation services.

At present people ask ever more often about the origin and composition of what they eat, both at home and at a restaurant. The answer to their question is the world-wide movement "slow food" which - unlike fast food - is based on tradition and authenticity. It emphasizes freshness and quality, its priorities being max. utilization of local raw materials, preparation without harmful additives and adherence to the principles of sustainable development. Slow food draws attention to traditional regional meals and differences in taste. This trend has been quickly enforced in gastronomy thanks to its cultivation. Good meal requires time, which only a restaurant and its agreeable environment can offer.

It is also necessary to add that not even ethnic specialties incl. exotic kitchens will be missing in gastronomy, however, their preparation should be based on the above principles and in particular on quality. In rising competition, quality will play an ever more important role, fast food pizza or gyros will be definitely excluded. The G + H Fair, its model restaurant and a permanent three-day culinary show will offer new inspiration. Moreover visitors will acquaint with a top technological equipment as the restaurant will be held under the patronage of the Electrolux company – a partner of the G + H 2009 Fair.

"To differentiate and offer something new, to provide an uncommon experience in addition to traditional services. This is an appeal to all businessmen in gastronomy and accommodation who want to be successful in demanding competition. They will look for new instigations also at the G + H Fair and it will depend on the suppliers, whether they will be able to meet their demands, " explains Project Director Mrs.Věra Menšíková. Local specialties, ethnic kitchen and slow food, but also organic food will be therefore emphasized topics of the G + H Fair 2009.

The consumption of organic food on the Czech and Slovak market has been quickly increasing and professionals predict another growth in the future. After trade network, organic food starts asserting also in gastronomy, being sought-after not only by foreign clientele. At the G + H Fair gustations aimed at fresh organic food and novelties of the year 2008 will take place, results of the 7th prestigious contest "Czech organic food of the year" at the section Gastro will be announced. Not even e.g. organic wines which have the chance to assert in gastronomy will be missing on the stands.

A similar severe competition as in gastronomy is also on the market in accommodation services. To this branch the motto "quality at reasonable price" is also applied, however, not less appraised are original offers. Another emphasized topic of the G + H Fair 2009, i.e. wellness and equipment for leisure at hotels and restaurants, is inspiring, too.

The participation of individual branch-related leaders will guarantee the success of the show. Firms such as Go In and Veba (equipment for hotels and restaurants) or Electrolux, Miele and Fagor offering gastronomic technologies will be among registered participants. Suppliers of food will be represented by Bohemilk from the group Interlacto or Gastroma, coffee e.g. by companies Segafredo, J.J. Darboven and Petraco (representing the Swiss company Jura). Also drinks will have a high participation – companies Heineken and Bohemia Sekt belong to G + H Fair partners.

Wine-growers and their products will enhance fair attraction
An important novelty of the next show run is the joint date with the VINEX Fair which returns to its every-year frequency. Good wine inseparably belongs to quality gastronomy and a model restaurant will advise you, which of the wines will be best for an evening menu. Both small wine-growers and big suppliers at the head with the company Bohemia Sekt which also produces still wines and spirits in addition to sparkling wine will be represented.. It is of importance that the Bohemia Sekt Group as the most important vintner-wine-grower in the Czech Republic sold 27.5 mill. bottles of still and sparkling wines of twelve own and another ten imported wine brands last year (Víno Mikulov, Chateau Mikulov, Habán Wine Cellars, Viticulture Pavlov or Chateau Bzenec). The above company is also well-known in Slovakia, in particular as a producer of sparkling wines; last year the company was granted gold medal and the title Champion at the prestigious competition Muvina Prešov for its dry sparkling wine Louis Girardot.

Also foreign clientele will be coming
Brno organizers expect by right that the jointly staged VINEX Fair will attract more visitors to G + H. The past run of this specialized show was attended by over 9.500 visitors, exclusively professionals from the HORECA sector or their future successors – now students of vocational schools. Also the original idea of G + H organizers, i.e. that the fair has not been designed for the Czech or Slovak market only, but that it has higher international ambitions, has come up to their expectations. In 2007 professionals from 22 countries were registered among the visitors, the proportion of foreign visitors amounted to record nine percent. "We want to strengthen this trend in the oncoming run by addressing, in our promotional campaigns, new trade visitors, in particular from Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, but also from other EU countries, " confirmed Mrs. Věra Menšíková. The campaign prepared also includes about 25 000 invitations addressed professionals in the Czech and Slovak Republic. And similarly to the foregoing runs, visitors will be able to make use of advantageous bus excursions.

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