CERTPOINT Systems Inc at the Learning Technologies Show

CERTPOINT Systems, a global provider of corporate training software and solutions, today announced that it has developed an informative whitepaper for Learning and Development (L&D) Departments: 'Five Steps to make Learning a Success in 2009'. The key elements of the paper will be presented by Maria van Vlodrop, General Manager, Europe, CERTPOINT Systems at the Learning Technologies show on Wednesday 28th January 2009 at 11.45am – 12.15pm in theatre 2.

Packed with practical tips, advice and real world case studies, the guide illustrates how L&D departments can seize the opportunities provided by the tough economic climate and adopt online training approaches to optimise the performance of existing employees while saving time and money. The CERTPOINT Systems white paper is available for download from 31st January at:

Maria van Vlodrop, General Manager, Europe, CERTPOINT Systems, said: "This white paper is the silver bullet for L&D departments that want to solve the issues presented by the current economic situation: to maintain and increase value – and critically, to be seen to deliver that value – with ever tightening budgets. The key is to optimise existing resources as any savings go straight to the bottom line and will be felt immediately. L&D departments are in a unique position to do this as they alone can provide the fastest route to improved employee and partner performance– this guide shows them how."

The 'Five Steps to make Learning a Success in 2009' whitepaper takes L&D departments on a complete journey from discovering where L&D can add value, through the application of the latest learning technologies to ensuring that learning adoption is fully supported. The five-step approach can be summarised as follows:

Step 1: Find where L&D adds value
In 2009, all departments have to clearly and immediately demonstrate the value they deliver to the business. As L&D departments are traditionally associated with long term initiatives, the benefit of which may not be immediately visible, this section deals with training strategies that will have an immediate and noticeable positive impact.

Step 2: Focus on speed
Organisations no longer have the luxury of time: benefits need to be delivered now. This section shows how the L&D department can deliver effective and strategic training within weeks, and enable the business to enjoy the impact within the first quarter of 2009.

Step 3: Find the right tools
As speed and cost effectiveness are key to training success in 2009, technology is a must. This section provides guidance on how to design, develop, deploy and administer online learning effectively.

Step 4: Reach up
The watchwords of 2009 are organisational effectiveness and performance. This section illustrates how L&D can get involved and demonstrate its value. Strategies include 'connecting' L&D to the business through regular, appropriate reporting in business language and stakeholder involvement.

Step 5: Reach out
The most effective training strategy will not work unless it is adopted by learners and this final step in the implementation process must not be left to chance. This section provides practical advice on learner adoption and discusses CERTPOINT Systems' learning adoption methodology (LAM).

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