India International Coatings Show 2009

India International Coatings Show 2009 (IICS 2009), welcomes you again to be part of its dynamic Industry, running alongside The Indian Paint Conference being organised by Indian Paint Association {IPA}, scheduled to be held at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India during 6th-8th February, 2009. India International Coatings Show is an exhibition dedicated to the Indian and International Coatings & Paint Industry. It is an excellent marketing opportunity for the coating manufacturers, raw material/packing material suppliers, machinery and equipment manufacturers, testing instruments manufacturers, safety and environment control advisors/equipment manufacturers, coatings user industries, software providers etc. The exhibition aims to meet current needs by bringing both the national and the international players together.

Worldwide, the paint and coatings industry is an important part of everyday living. Paint industry statistics confirm that no domestic or commercial arena remains unaffected, with applications ranging from household and decorative paints, to coatings used in the automotive industry; from the anti-contamination coatings in the canned foods sector, to the paints used to emblazon corporate colors on airliners.

Over the years, with the growing emphasis on architectural and aesthetic design, the Paints and Coatings Industry has become a major business opportunity. The growing importance of impressive presentation and the need for quality further necessitates the need for large scale exposure to Coatings Industry.

Identifying this need, India International Coatings Show 2009 aims to attract a diverse cross-section of the Industry to further boost its prospects.

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