Rfidium Announces RFIDs at At Pacific Design Expo in Anaheim

Rfidium, the complete design, prototyping and production RFID antenna and inlay provider, announced today its participation in booth 3583 at the Pacific Design Expo, to be held February 10‐12, 2009, in Anaheim, CA. On display will be a wide range of RFID inlays using chips from providers such as Impinj, ST Micro and TI suitable for many applications, including tape cartridge, item‐level, and pallet tracking. Rfidium will also be discussing its complete custom design, prototyping, and production RFID inlay and patterning services.

Inlays include UHF Gen 2 designs optimized for pallet, case and item level applications across both near‐field and far‐field operations. Many of these tags are relatively insensitive to orientation, reducing the sensitivity of the reading operation to the relative orientation of tag and reader. They can be utilized by label converters and endusers in a wide variety of applications, including tape cartridge tagging, garment tagging, jewelry tagging, pallet tagging, and pharmaceuticals.

All antenna inlays are UHF Gen 2, allowing for tandardization across supply chains from case and pallet tagging to item‐level tagging. In the warehouse one can use far‐field UHF antennas to obtain the range that you need and in stores one can use near‐field UHF antennas that can be built into shelves, for example, to enable automatic inventory taking. Additionally, near‐field UHF has cost advantages over HF, offers higher throughput, and provides all the benefits of Gen 2 which is already an established standard recognized internationally.

In addition, all of these inlays are aluminum antenna inlays, more cost effective than silver ink or copper, and compliant with strict WEEE and RoHS environmental requirements, minimizing environmental impact for greener operations.

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