Kreiss Expands at World Market Center Las Vegas

Kreiss, the world-renowned home furnishings company, based in San Diego, will have a new showroom at this February's Las Vegas Market, February 9 13. Having successfully launched its exclusive Gallery and Licensed Showroom Program at the January, 2007 Las Vegas Market, the 71 year old company is now moving it's Summerlin and Building 'B' showrooms into Suite C-140 in World Market Center's newly opened Building C. Kreiss' continuing goal at Las Vegas Market is to meet potential high-end retailers from around the world in order to continue the expansion of its Gallery Program. Members of the Kreiss family and management team will be setting up appointments with prospects and will be available at their new Building 'C' showroom.

Since the inception of their Gallery Program, Kreiss has opened 19 Galleries and 3 Licensed Showrooms throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands and Dubai. The newest Licensed Showroom opened in Dubai in December. Additionally, Kreiss has 17 company-owned showrooms in the US.

"Following the great success we have had at the last four Las Vegas Markets, we feel it is strategically important for us to continue our momentum by expanding", stated Michael Kreiss, President and CEO of Kreiss Enterprises. "During these challenging times we have found that our program is truly a win-win situation for all parties involved. We are offering our selected retail partners exclusive geographic rights to present our dynamic, refreshing high-end line to their customers and we are rapidly expanding our brand, while closely controlling every aspect of our growth. "

Kreiss has galleries in six Boyles locations and Randy Good, Executive VP of Boyles explains; "The addition of Kreiss into our stores has given us exposure to a new customer base that we would not otherwise be able to satisfy. We received an unsurpassed level of support by Mike Kreiss and the entire Kreiss organization in establishing our Kreiss galleries. The uniqueness of the Kreiss brand and merchandise is very appealing to us in differentiating our stores from the typical retail furniture store."

The first Kreiss Gallery in Canada opened in 2007 at Paramount Furniture, in Vancouver and Owner Oren Samuel is "very pleased with the results". "When we first saw the extensive and unique line of furniture offered by Kreiss, we knew that it would be a great fit for our high end store. We moved quickly to install a beautiful 3000 sq. ft. gallery", says Samuel. "Since we are a family-owned and operated retailer, it has been a pleasure to partner with a family-owned supplier which shares so many of our values."

The largest Kreiss Gallery, over 10,000 square feet, is inside of Gallery Furniture in Houston and Jim Mcingvale states; "Kreiss is a great firm with whom to work. Not only do they produce world class furniture, but the customer service and responsiveness of everybody at Kreiss has exceeded our expectations. Kreiss has been a 'game-changer' at Gallery Furniture.

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