The Innovation Gallery at Climatizacion-09

CLIMATIZACION ´09, the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Refrigeration Exhibition, which is due to take place at Feria de Madrid between 24th and 27th February, will present the fourth edition of the Innovation Gallery, an exclusive initiative designed to showcase a carefully-chosen selection of new features, all of which are characterised by their special commitment to protecting the environment and boosting energy savings. The purpose of the Innovation Gallery is to provide an incentive for innovation as a practical application of know-how and technology within the realm of industrial development, as well as highlighting and disseminating the most outstanding advances that are made within the field. The Innovation Gallery also seeks to recognise and reward the Research, Development and Innovation activities that are carried out by companies within the industry.

At this edition, the Gallery exhibits a total of 18 products which have been chosen by a committee of professionals within the industry.

AIRLAN presents two new features: the Intelligent Defrosting System is able to recognise when the presence of ice on the external battery is real, carrying out defrosting cycles only when they are strictly necessary. Their second proposal is a simultaneous Free Cooling + Rankine system for cooling plants that enables the plant to take full advantage of the free cooling potential of the exterior air, even when it is necessary to set the refrigeration cycle in motion.

The company, AREA, will present its Water Cooled Area Module. This module can easily be assembled over the traditional refrigerator, turning it into an integrated compressor refrigerator. Among the advantages of this new idea, we might its rapid installation time, the minimum refrigerant load and the improved energy consumption level.

Ecogen is the technological development that BAXI CALEFACCIÓN will be presenting at the Innovation Gallery. This product consists of a wall boiler that produces 1 kW of electricity at the same time as it supplies heat and hot water to the installation. Its main contribution consists of the introduction of micro-generation technologies, which benefits both the industry and the product´s end-user. In this respect, the energy efficiency of the Ecogen micro-generation boiler comes to 90%.

The Innovation Gallery will provide the ideal showcase for CIATESA, which on this occasion will present its Aquaciat Grand Inverter. The most important innovation in this system consists of the introduction of a variable velocity for the compressor motor, combined with the electronic expansion valve and the variation of the ventilator motors, all of which facilitates a lower level of electrical consumption.

CLIMATE MASTER will attend the Gallery with its ClimateMaster units from the Tranquility THW range, a series of high-efficiency non-reversible (only heat) water-to-water heat pumps, which are designed to be connected to fan-coil networks or radiant floors. The most significant innovative aspect is that THW units are designed to serve in residential applications where high levels of efficiency are required when heating different areas and producing sanitary hot water, based on an unbeatable annual cost in terms of energy consumption.

COINTRA will feature its Solar Thermostatic Microtop Gas-Powered Water Heater, which offers users a precise selection (via a digital panel) of the sanitary hot water temperature and electr onic thermostatic regulation, which means that only that amount of gas that is strictly required is consumed in order to maintain the selected temperature, thus leading to gas consumption savings of up to 20%.

DAIKIN presents Conveni Pack, an innovative system based on the idea that a single external unit is able to provide high and low-temperature refrigeration by reusing the energy that is left over from conditioning or heating the premises. Furthermore, it reduces consumption by up to 50% a year.

DOMUSA CALEFACCIÓN S. COOP. wil present the Solar Evolution 30 FD, a hybrid heat generating set that uses solar energy as the main source of heat and diesel oil as a back-up for sanitary hot water production. It also offers a heating function that uses condensation technology. The most significant innovative aspect of this product is that it integrates all the heat generating systems required by a home in accordance with the new Technical Building Code (CTE) regulations.

FERROLI will exhibit the Geothermal Water-to-Water Heat Pumps (HPWW Model), a family of hot water generating systems. The most outstanding aspect of these systems is the possibility of carrying out complete integrated energy management of all the elements that make up the air-conditioning, heating and sanitary hot water production installation.

IPEAGUAS will present a sanitary hot water production kit that works by means of Ipesol semi-spherical thermal solar collectors. This hot water generating installation does not need an accumulator and can generate sanitary hot water instantly whilst being connected to the home´s distribution network or to different consumption points. It guarantees maximum energy savings and absolute silence.

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