FITUR 2009

Among the activities that will complement the commercial activity of FITUR, Antonio de Nebrija University is organizing the Financial markets, Economic Situation and Tourism seminar. The conference, which will take place on 30th January from 10.00 am until 7.00 pm, intends to create a real forum where theoretical presentations combine with open debate among professionals in this sector. Apart from the possibility of learning about the situation directly from the experts on the present economic environment, and its repercussion on the travel industry, university graduates that attend all the presentations will obtain an ECTs credit.

It is indisputable that the present economic environment, and its repercussions on the sector, is one of the questions that is most worrying to those responsible for companies, instructors, representatives of official organizations and, in general, all those involved in the travel industry. The seminar proposed by Antonio de Nebrija University aims to present the current financial situation, as well as the key to adapting existing tourism, its services and resources to the new necessities produced by the economy. In this context, four conferences will take place, each lasting two hours and divided in two parts: a theoretic exhibition and an academic exhibition. During the latter, exchange of opinions will be encouraged among the participants on the subjects put forward.

Under the title Situation of the financial market and its influence on the evolution of the sector, Fernando Fernández Méndez de Andes, rector of Antonio de Nebrija University, will present a true picture of the market as well as its repercussions in the development of businesses related to travel. Economic Crisis and the strength of tourist activity will be the centre of the exhibition by Ignacio Urrutia de Hoyos, Dean of the Social Sciences Faculty of the same university. Presentations in the afternoon will be marked by the Adequacy and renovation of the company, products and tourism resources as well as Politics and strategies for sectorial recovery, conferences given respectively by Adolfo Favieres, chairman of Aldesa Turismo and Manuel Figuerola Palomo, director of the Antonio de Nebrija University Tourism Department.

In turn, Francisco Menor Monasterio, director of Fundación ACS, will act as moderador in the debates arising during the seminar.

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