7th International Luxury Exhibition

The luxury nowadays has some analogies with the mythic immemorial thinking due to its relation with continuity and the "out of time" dimension. The luxury as icon of beauty, of taste, of refinement is often linked with the pleasures of the five senses and today, more than ever, points out the dichotomy between 'eternal luxury' and 'emotional luxury'.

This is what the French philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky, researcher in the field of fashion, of consumptions and of ... luxury, declared.

This thinking is shared also by Luciano Coin, creator of this event and Sole company director of OPTIMIST, the company owning and organizing LUXURY & YACHTS -7th International Luxury Exhibition. LUXURY & YACHTS takes place at FIERA DI VICENZA on 6𤪞 and 131415 March 2009.

From words to deeds. This is the key to success of LUXURY & YACHTS that aims at making visitors understand that the 'real luxury' is mainly determined by the quality and the exclusivity of every single product exhibited. Only going through this path the 'real luxury' doesn't lose ground even during the crisis.

LUXURY & YACHTS also for the edition 2009 is organised as an exhibition oriented to the development and growth of the 'best in italy' excellence with a once again renovated layout (in comparison of the edition 2008) designed by the architect Carla Baratelli.

Cars, boats, airplanes, helicopters, watches, jewellery, antiques, modern and contemporary art, pens, interior and exterior furnishings, interior design items, high tech, clothing, footwear, accessories, leather goods, fitness equipment, swimming-pools, luxury trips, prestigious properties, valuable publishing industry, enogastronomy, and so on ... propose an 'eternal' luxury or an 'emotional luxury', which nowadays appeals not only the customers but also the researchers dealing with the 'luxury' phenomenon.

Ca. 250 the exhibitors from Italy and abroad will participate in the event and a lot of them will present still top secret PREVIEWS conceived and created only for LUXURY & YACHTS.

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